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UnPacking Your Bags #recovery #olympics

Life is full of large and small challenges. We don’t judge your life by what happened in the past. We are more inclined to judge our lives by how well we handled the problem. You will notice the montages about present Olympians. Each has the winner falling many times in the growth toward greatness. Failure is just part of the great process of success. A wise man once said to me, “Life is more about the path you walk on, than what’s at the end of the path!” I believe that with all my heart.

I found myself telling a client that she should consider what is happening right now in her life, instead of clouding her reality with her “to do” list. If she did that, she may find that she is sad, upset, or stuffing down emotions (which later translated to stuffing down food). The reality, though it may feel like failure, pain, or desperation is the only place to begin to make consistent and effective change. When you start from where you are, you can cry the entire day if you need to, but you’ll find that tears are like the blood that rushes to the surface of the skin when you cut yourself. The blood washes away impurities so that the wound will heal. So, also, are tears for the emotional body. Tears purge the body of unneeded angst and frustration and pain.

Once, I found myself riddled with discomfort. My stomach hurt so badly that I couldn’t eat the entire day. I knew that I had been reacting to a hurt in my life. I tried to face it by being by myself, but scads of muck simply kept prattling through my head like a looping bad movie. But that evening, something triggered a great cry. I wept so hard that my body felt as if it were regurgitating. In actuality, my body needed to release all that no longer served it. After a great cry, a hug from someone I love, I began the difficult time of healing.

Healing is much easier these days, knowing that God always has a gift at the end of that tunnel you find yourself crawling through to get to daylight again. Know that about difficult times. I can’t think of one tragic event in my life that didn’t end in a wonderful lesson, a consistent truth, a myriad of change, or a fresh, new beginning.

If you’re facing tragedy today or sadness, know this about life and about yourself. If you face your pain head on, you are more likely to heal faster. Your goal is to go through all the steps. Don’t avoid the hard ones to get to the anger. This doesn’t help the process or make you any more authentic. If you are sad, grieve. If you need to punch your pillow, do that. Take out your frustrations and pain in healthy ways. Eventually, you will get out of that tunnel and face the beautiful sunshine of a new day. I promise.

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Winning in the Long Jump

Winning in the Long Jump

His legs were short. He walked with a limp. He wasn’t too smart—not smart enough to know that the long jump was a sport for guys different than him. Yet he pursued.

She was overweight. Her feet weren’t so flexible. Her shoulders a little slumped over. Yet, her desire to be a ballet dancer outweighed all of the above. She pursued her dream.

He was told at 15 that he would never become anything. He spent all of his time at the computer playing games and becoming a wizard at them. At 17 he began to develop computer games that made him a millionaire. He pursued his passion.

So many times in my life I put aside what I hungered for in my heart to live a life that took less courage and tenacity. I wonder if I continued in my pursuit of acting, singing, writing, and recording, if I would have made something great of myself. But I never stretched beyond myself to feel the pain of struggle or knew what ignoring rejection meant.

I suppose that rejection of what it took came from a deep-seated knowing that I had struggled enough as a child. I never wanted to go hungry again. I had been rejected by my own mother, when she left my father, and I didn’t see her again for the next six years. I suppose that following a path like theater and writing and recording, where rejection is paramount, was just a little too much for me to fathom after a time.

So, the two things that bring greatness to the surface, deep passion great enough to overcome rejection and the consistent pursuit despite the times when there is no money to live were not in the cards for me. So, does that mean that I’ll never be able really be successful at my own long jump?

You know, I’m not ready to give up on any dream right now in my life. I go back to the idea that God is unlimited. I am a part of that same unlimited God. So, there is unlimited possibility in my life as well.

Do I have to struggle to get my life long dreams? I’m not sure of that either?

When we’re young, everything has a different price on it. Right? As an older man of 52, I don’t believe in struggle anymore. I don’t believe in sacrifice either. I do believe in hard work and preparation. So, every day I do what I can to be prepared for all the things I want in life.

If I’m not prepared, I continue on the path toward being prepared. For instance, I have a book that I wrote about a year ago. I decided not go with the current publisher I was working with because it seemed we were on different pages moving forward with my career. So, I decided to wait on God for the right opportunity.

In the past three months I have had a couple opportunities come up that look promising. (This is where preparation and openness to spirit comes in.) You see, the best things in my life have come not from struggle, but from what had been set before me, as if on a golden platter by God.

And as far as rejection goes, I don’t believe there is any such thing anymore, especially if God is in control of what happens. Rejection is a state of mind. If I choose to feel rejected, then I will be rejected. If I choose to be the person that simply wasn’t the right person for the project, that’s a much better place to be for me. The story isn’t over for any of us, until we make it over. Always remember that.

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