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Speaking Out for Your Soul’s Survival! The Big Picture…

You can’t turn on the news or look at Social Media without an onslaught of posts about Sexual Abuse #metoo confronting you. I wonder about the big picture.

For an example, when we think of the mutilation of African women so that men can enslave and brand them, this news disturbs the deepest part of our being. Why? Is it just that we have compassion. Or has this news invoked a feeling of insecurity and being unsafe for you?

Picture of a woman tortured in Uganda

My guess these kinds of stories about anyone (animals included) cause an equal amount of both feelings—compassion and empathy for our own need for security. However, when droves of men and women (mostly women) gather together to find strength to speak out against the male majority running the country, who have tried to enslave women and take away rights from any minorities, even in notably free country such as the United States, we must look a little deeper to see the real cause and the rush to speak out!

When I think of what the ultimate feeling of happiness would feel like, I imagine having the physical things I need to feel comfort, having loved ones, but most importantly I would need to feel an underlying feeling of peace and safety. No one can feel truly happy or joyful without feeling safe. This would be like having the largest diamond in the world, but having to live in a vault with the diamond, always afraid that someone will rob you of your valuables and your intrinsic value. But are our valuables material things?

When we dig deeper, we find that most of our own lives and the majority of the people we know have never had a solid foundation of security.

I review my own childhood and see this clearly. I don’t have to dig too deeply to see that my greatest prayer is always to experience peace and for my husband and family to feel secure their own lives. I pray for this because I know there is no true joy without security.

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I recently spoke with a very famous man who had everything he desired in the material world, but had absolutely no peace. He had sacrificed his entire life for wealth and fame and never once thought about the toll it had taken on his and his family’s lives. After he had decided to retire a few weeks back, he looked like an entirely different human being—a smile, weight loss, a ruddy color in his skin, and most importantly a glimmer of peace in his eyes.

I asked him how he felt about leaving the material world that had supported him for so long. His answer was met with unexpected tears. He said, “I pray everyday that I will find what really makes me happy and will bring me peace. I don’t have this… Not yet. But, I now know that I am going in the right direction.”

This man’s story speaks of finding peace as his primary goal. Underneath his cries and our cries for truth, transparency, power, human and animal rights, we feel an underlying need to know with the deepest sense of our authentic self that we are Safe—safe from terrorists, safe from Super Egos, safe from governmental mistakes, safe from narcissistic choices that affect everyone of our lives, especially those who are much less fortunate than we are.

When you prepare your signs for your next protest or support a loved one who is speaking out about being treated unfairly, say a quick prayer that whoever is marching, being interviewed, speaking out finds the peace he or she searches for!


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When We Rise: Struggles Within

After watching the first episode of the television epic When_We_Rise on ABC, I reconsidered my own strength in the struggle within. Was I even a part of the fight against homophobia and the rise of women’s rights in the early 60s and 70s? I pressed through those times, living in NYC, as if the fight was already behind me. I never stood up and screamed from the rafters or a float or a podium that I was gay and deserved equality. Today, I have to ask myself why.

I know with certainty that my own inner struggle with religion and being gay was at the top of the list of reasons. At some points, when many of my friends were dying around me from AIDS-related diseases and no one from the government cared, I turned a blind eye to those painful times when a policeman could arrest a man or woman for being gay. I’m shaking my head now and really reconsidering how I could have been more effective as a human being, helping my gay brothers and sisters in their movement toward equality.

In my own memoirs about growing up gay in a homophobic America (“Learning Alone”) I write:

I am a skeleton of relationships with no flesh. If intelligence makes the man, why have I made the same mistakes for over twenty years concerning relationship, concerning God?

I looked at most of my life as an impending tsunami. I put up walls around myself for protection and let nothing in or out without two forms of identification, a lifeboat, and a safe exit.

Now, I wonder if life is more like a delicate equation, with all of its fundamental subtleties changing the very substance of who I am—moment by moment!

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Continued from Above:

Ultimately, when you don’t have your own inner struggles, anxieties, and physical health under control, it is an impossibility to fight for others in an effective way. I have spent the majority of my adult life looking back and making reparation from my broken past. However, one has to wonder if clearing our own consciousness is ever enough.

I walk away from these nostalgic thoughts feeling empty and helpless, even though I see a new world of opportunity and change around me—one I didn’t much participate in to fully enjoy the victories.

I’m getting married to a man next month because of the strong and unquenchable desire for change in millions of gay people around the globe. Do I actually deserve this right when I didn’t go to battle as they did? The most I ever did in the early days was scoff from the roadside at NYC Gay Pride as I watched the floats with half-naked men and drag queens waving flags and taking a strong stand. I thought, these people don’t represent me at all! I judged them as being flagrantly immoral and bawdy. My self-righteous contempt kept me from joining their political stand for the freedom to express as powerfully and as naked as they wanted.

When_we_rise from the depths of our own prejudices—from those people who are like us but different—we can begin to see that our inequality is as deep.

I can look at life from both sides now, because I have lived my life as a Pentecostal minister condemning gays and also have stood up in front of city government officials and testified about getting fired from a job for being gay. I remember both sides and wonder if both still exist somewhere within.

I’m not angry at myself. However, I’m a lot pissed off at the world that can’t see through my eyes. I want the gay antagonists of the world to be compassionate and empathetic enough to see the struggle that still exists today. Yet, I find myself beating my head against the wall when it comes to understanding how the right-winged side of the U.S. can be so undemocratic. Wikipedia describes democracy as having:

Four key elements: (a) A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections; (b) The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life; (c) Protection of the human rights of all citizens, and (d) A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.[3]

As understated as this all seems, democracy is rather simple in its premise. All anyone wants in this world is the right to live a life with equality, where the law protects all of us, not just the ones who act like us.

When we rise, if we rise from this imbalance, we shall rise to the place of no judgment at all—not for ourselves, not for others. This doesn’t mean we won’t stand up and fight when being stripped of our inalienable rights. No, not at all.

We will fight harder, because we have left behind our self-righteous baggage. We will fight for others, not just ourselves, because we are healed from the past. We will stand in the gap when a handicapped man or woman can’t stand up at all, because we recognize that we must give back without considering what we will take. We will rise, yes, we will rise and make a different world—a better world—a world where every man and woman, no matter the color, race, religion, or sexuality—all have equal rights.


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Human Rights on Election Eve

In all of my life as a voter, I have never felt more frightened of the political possibilities that lie ahead. In general, I am not a fearful person. I tend to believe that Good will always rise up to conquer darkness. But, when the darkness appears to be some of your friends and family, I have to wonder from what magnifying glass my peers and I are looking.

When friends choose fiscal policy over human rights it simply makes me wonder what kind of world in which we live. When people choose government taking choice away from women, this sickens me. When GLBT rights and the rights of all different colors and sizes of Americans are being measured by different rulers, I’m simply outraged.

So, I should not be too surprised when I find myself alienating those I love because they choose to voice their opinions in a way that could never support my lifestyle as a gay man. When the Republican presidential candidate and the Republican ticket wants to repeal my rights as a GLBT person in the first 100 days of presidency, rights that all GLBT people have fought hard to get, this would be like taking away the right to vote for African Americans and women. I get sad inside and want to weep for the masses of people who say they love their gay best friends and relatives, their Latin friends, their wives and children, but have no idea that their vote says so much more than they understand.

I read some Facebook posts last night from my high school acquaintances. All of them had decided to vote for Trump. I was compelled to write a compelling post to share my point of view, even though they may see me as an outsider who doesn’t matter in the big picture. As I suspected, no one’s minds were changed by my one shard of light entering into the misfortune of misguided minds shaped and molded by lies heaped upon other lies.

I whisper to myself, how can you vote for a man who says he’ll make America great again, when he has not paid a cent of a billion dollars worth of taxes he owes that would help each of them and the national debt?

“Who are we to believe?” most are asking. The news eschews truth, the politicians spin truth, and we go to the website only find a myriad of different points of view about truth that no sane person can sort through without feeling deluged by doubt. So, I’m back to my own feelings and my own heart.

I remember other elections when I felt a similar feeling of apathy, perhaps not as intense, but had my doubts about the opinions of friends and family. I know that the day after the George Bush Jr. election, when everything seemed to move back toward normalcy, I began to let go of my fury and forgave those who stood in the shadows of my own truth. I spent more time harnessing myself and waiting for the inevitable ball of fire to drop.

I have never enjoyed debating or fighting. I chose to be a writer so that I could take pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard, because I know that my opinion is just one. To voice my opinion in a succinct and proper way is my right in this country. I am glad I still have that intrinsic right.

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