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The Products of Quiet Time

When you get by yourself and silence your mind, you do yourself an amazing favor. First of all, you enter into a place in the mind called the “observer.” In this place there is no judgment, divinity, a creator connection to your human existence, and a place for Spirit to speak to you in dreams with animal totems, special signs, and sometimes even an actual message.

“Yes,” you say, “but that is not for me. I can’t get quiet.”

To that, I answer, “Everyone can get quiet if they have a guide to help them.”

I’m going to spend the next few blogs providing 5-7 minute meditations for various and specific areas of your lives. All you have to do at this point is take a few minutes to listen. If this is all must give to prosper, heal, get over anxiety, forgive, and find more joy, what is it that you’re waiting for?

Here is the link to my latest meditation YouTube. Sign up for the YouTube channel. You will be told when a new Meditation Video is uploaded.


If you still feel you need more instruction, follow this link to more written information about how to meditate, with different suggestions and visualizations tried and tested throughout the ages.

Thanks so much for being a part of my spiritual life, my social network, and my active friends and family. I love and appreciate you all.


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Meditation for Peace of Mind


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