Take a Step Sideways

Take a Step Sideways

Bo Says: Take One Step to the Left.

We spend our entire life moving forward toward our goals, backward when we’re kicked in the belly, and standing still most of the time, as life doesn’t often really inspire us to move anywhere. But what about sideways–right out of our comfortable paradigm–not up, not down, just a little eschew.

Yesterday I spent the entire day doing just that. It was crazy fun. By 11 pm, I was taking a power walk on not-so-safe streets of downtown Nashville with 3 crazy friends. By the end of the day, I crashed in bed and slept like a baby. I spent time with people I generally don’t spend time with, I did things out of my paradigm, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I think I’m going to begin scheduling some of my time off each week to do just that. What a relief to know that I haven’t done everything there is to be done and seen everything there is to be seen in Nashville. I actually have new options. The variables are crazy wonderful and smell like gardenias blooming on my pillow on a spring morning.

Today, I just want to encourage my friends to take some risks. Have dinner and lunch with different friends. Schedule a game night with people you don’t normally spend time with. Meet new people. Walk new roads. Plunge into new waters.

You’ll find your life refreshing and plentiful, as I did.



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