“Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want”

Too often our wants and #needs_go_unsaid. We tell half-truths to the people who ask us if we’re happy. We think it is selfish to want more or better. We #sacrifice our own desires for others. If your entire world doesn’t revolve around this premise: “What do I get out of this?” then you are probably not selfish.

Perhaps, what you suffer from is a bad case of childhood guilt. Many adults from my age grew up Catholic or Jewish and were struck continually with the guilt curse. “Eat your food. There are hungry kids in China that would die to have just a spoonful of what you’re eating.”

“What? You’re going to disobey the laws of the bible? You put everyone before you. That’s what a good Catholic does. You better get your ass to confession!”

I’ve heard a great deal of these comments, but mostly from clients. I have my own share of self-imposed guilt from understanding of religion as a child. I had to be the best, kindest, most respectful child or I would go to hell. Worse yet, my family may go to hell too, if I didn’t pray from them while they were Purgatory. Don’t get me started with the religious guilt.

My point is that how often do we actually admit to ourselves and to Spirit what we really desire? Are we seriously afraid to say to the Maker, the Creator of all that we would love to be wealthy, to be working, doing something that means something to the world and to our hearts—everyday of our lives? Why are we afraid to make this known?

What’s I’ve learned in the past 3 years is that my prayers of desperation are just that. They are desperate attempts at contacting a God that doesn’t have or can’t have any opinion—one way or another. Spirit laid down Divine Laws that we must abide by. If we don’t, God can’t be responsible for what happens to us as a result of not obeying the law.

For instance, electricity is a law. If you have never heard of electricity and put your wet finger in an electrical outlet, you’re going to get shocked. It doesn’t matter if you mother and father love you, or even if they warned you ahead of time. Laws are laws!

There are law concerning creating in our lives. One law in particular is about Faith. Jesus said, “If you have faith the size of grain of a mustard seed, you could move a mountain.”

Have you seen a mustard seed? It’s tiny, one of the small seeds in the world. Faith is the substance of things unseen. What we must learn in our imaginations, dreams, and desires, is that the most important aspect to garner is this Faith thing that seems to elude most of us. We ask for something and then the next minute we are afraid we will never get it.

This is not faith. In fact, this is the opposite of faith. When we have the opposite of faith we cannot move mountains, in fact, we would be lucky if the unseen world that faith rules even hears our intentions. We must spend time working on this very important aspect of our lives: FAITH.

Everyday I say affirmations or pray affirmative prayers that share with my mind my Truth. I review and speak it aloud everyday until my mind, body and soul gets it right. When a fearful thought comes into mind (and they do often enough) I contradict that thought with a Truth that know supersedes the negativity.

Light invades the darkness. The darkness cannot perceive the light, not can it exist in the light. So, fill you mind and your life with light, which is valuable truth that cannot be misunderstood and you must stand on whenever you encounter fear.

Pray this prayer with me:

“There is only one presence, one love, one power active in my body, present in this room, permeating the universes. This power created me and everything about me exists within Its grace. It doesn’t matter what I have done in the past, today I begin anew. I believe I am a creator on this earth as God created me in its image. If I am a creator, then I can commit to the challenge of changing my thoughts into reality with faith. Just like a garden, today I plant the seed for (what you need)! I will water this seed with belief in the one immutable law of love. When I fear, I will reject the thoughts that will stop my truth from manifesting. And then I will begin, once again, to believe until I see evidence of this perfect law. I’m thankful for this beautiful chance as a human to experience that is in my life now and I release my intention to the one immutable law. And so it is!”


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