Philippines Deaths & Healthcare.gov & Trending on Twitter today

Trending on Twitter today is how we can help the terrible Philippines weather massacre by the unwieldy and forceful wind that lay waste much of Philippine’s coastline and uncounted deaths yet covered by the wreckage. I suppose, like me, much of the world looks at this situation as one of the ways humans simply have no control in our lives. We can live in a tree house in the confined woods of Black Mountain, North Carolina, which is said to be one of the safest places to dwell, but we still would be subject to weather, vehicle collisions, illness, and other outlandish anomalies that just make life have so little earthly sense.

Other online trends talk of the outrage of the United States government spending tax dollars on overseas outsourcing, only for the money to go directly to malfeasance against the US. This kind of trade is ridiculous, especially since no governmental agency will admit there is a problem. Congress should consider squabbling about this, not trying to keep the underprivileged from getting affordable insurance.

Though I’m in favor of the movement toward affordable healthcare for all, my personal experience with Healthcare.gov has been a fiasco.

I have been trying for over a month to get through the red tape of my application to the second level of help. The words: APPLICATION IN PROGRESS have been frozen on my computer screen for over 30 days. I have talked to three supervisors and had three appointments scheduled for level two help so far. When I call to ask why no one has returned my call from the second level, no records are present of my recent calls or my appointments. I understand that millions of people are trying to pass through this confusion, but, at the very least, records of my calls and appointments should be kept. After three times, I’m getting very frustrated.

Before this change in healthcare, I had insurance with my state called Cover Tennessee, because I am a sole proprietorship and I live in Tennessee. This insurance was great, because it gave me plenty of yearly coverage, low co-pays on doctor’s fees, and prescription coverage for only $136 a month with a $250 deductible, which definitely suited my budget.

Friends of mine in similar situations were paying up to $700 a month for healthcare coverage with a $5000 deductible. I always felt privileged that Tennessee offered me this kind of insurance benefit. After I got coverage in 2009, Tennessee closed the program to new members. Three months ago, I was informed that my current insurance would no longer be available as of January 1, 2014. Now I have to find new coverage. This led me to Healthcare.gov over a month ago.

I started out on Healthcare.gov by trying to complete the online questionnaire. The immediate problem happened when the online questionnaire asked me about my household. As I take care of my aging mother of 81, who lives in my mother-in-law apartment but pays her own way and has her own insurance, I answered a couple questions about her living under my roof. The next thing I knew, the questionnaire was more about her than I. The application added her Social Security number and Social Security monthly checks with my wages, and suddenly I wasn’t able to be covered with an affordable insurance.

Also, I teach exactly TWO yoga classes at the local YMCA. Because this showed up on my tax information, the application process also expected the YMCA to provide coverage for me. However, the coverage the YMCA offers this year to part-time employees is much worse than Cover TN and pays for a lot less with a huge deductible. Also, I don’t think I even work enough hours to be considered a part-time employee. I believe the number of hours is ten. I work three.

I don’t understand how the YMCA can offer coverage with much less privilege than Cover TN, but Cover TN got cancelled. This doesn’t make sense, nor does it make sense that now I get less coverage for more money. Isn’t this process supposed to be helping me?

So, I called Healthcare.gov to try to change my application, which you are allowed to do, under the current laws. In my case, this application was more interested in trying to find affordable healthcare coverage for my mother as well as me. My mother is perfectly happy with her coverage with Humana. Yet, my application is now considering my mother and I as two people in the same household, who both need insurance from a cumulative amount of household income. This is just crazy, nuts to me.

I deserve to be able to get back into the application and certainly get my questions answered.

…Alas, as I was writing this, I received a phone call from Healthcare.gov. My appointment was supposed to be between 6-9 pm. The call came at 9 am. Interesting! The woman I spoke with basically told me that there was nothing she could do at this point about getting into my application to change it, because all the systems were still locked up. I asked her what her phone call was supposed to have accomplished. Basically, she said that she was just answering calls to tell people that her computer was frozen. I was told to call back in a few weeks to see if things had changed. She had no date when anything would be fixed. GEEZ!


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