The Aftermath of Bullying #bullying #selfesteem #beinggayinastraightworld

The Aftermath of Bullying
#bullying #selfesteem #beinggayinastraightworld

On World News, yesterday, a man who obviously had issues with rage and bullying was ordered by a judge to sit by the side of the road with a sign that read: “I AM A BULLY.” His terrible act was maligning a family with 3 disabled children, repeatedly. I sat with a friend while watching the news. My friend’s opinion: The bully should be jailed and the key thrown away. My friend has a close relative who is disabled, and he is a gay man. So, you can imagine that being bullied was a part of anyone’s life who has grown up different.

Personally, I used to get taunted everyday in high school. Sometimes, someone I didn’t even know would just pass me and say, “Faggot!” A couple times I got punched in the stomach and just simply fell over, wiped myself off, and put on a happy face for my next class. Life, being different, can be a challenge for anyone, whether it be sexuality, some kind of physical deformity, or something such as a religious belief that would cause you to have to wear a special head cover. Anything that makes you stand out as a child or young adult, will be fodder for bullying, you can be assured.

I’m thrilled that that the world and legislature and schools are punishing bullying more severely. This sends the message that’s it’s simply “not cool” to be an ass. And also teaches those children who idolize bullies that being in the “in crowd” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Ultimately, facing who you are and loving yourself is a big chore in today’s world. If you can’t love yourself, I wouldn’t expect to find relationships that are worthwhile, either. All of your relationships—friendships and intimate—are an expression of your self-esteem. So, take a good hard look at yourself. Either change what you don’t like, or make amends in your own heart for how you have bullied yourself, by repeating old, self-deprecating behavior over and over, until you believe these untruths about yourself. Loving yourself is the key to recreating a past filled with bullying.

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