The Anatomy of a Feather in Your Proverbial Cap

When a Native American Indian had slain an enemy, he was given a feather to add to his headdress. In more modern times, the English idiom has taken on a more peaceful tact. Now, when one says, “You have added a feather to your cap,” she means that you have added an accolade or talent to your life.

I had a friend named “Two Feathers.” He was obviously Native American Indian. He died an early death. In my spiritual community in which he was very active, many people would find two feathers while mowing the yard, on a car, drifting in a garden. We often shared how it seemed that Two Feathers had tried to communicate with us from the other side that he still existed and wanted us to understand he was still with us. The finding of the two feathers to this day carries with it an auspicious feeling. I always know that when I come across one feather, another will soon arrive to manifest Two Feather’s presence.

Feathering in Photoshop is to gently blur the edges. I have used this tool to mask background images, so that a flower or a face will pop out of the picture, as if it is the main focus.

Feathers in Mine Craft are used often to put at the end of an arrow to make it more beautiful. Also, colorful feathers are used to help find the arrow, once it has been withdrawn from the bow.

Scriptures say that God will, as in Psalm 91, “cover you with his feathers” to protect you. Does God have feathers? I believe that in this verse, the writer was indicating that God appeared as an angel with feathery wings. The allusion is for God to hold you under his wing in times of stress and trouble. A few other verses exists that talk of eagles feathers, as well.

Feathers have long been used to delineate power, glory, and beauty. I have a couple beautiful feathers tucked in a small plant on my dressed and often decorate my Christmas tree with lush black and gold feathers.

Feathers are incredibly strong and yet amazingly flexible, as well. To allow both lift and forward movement by a bird, feathers can bend at almost a right angle. Feathers are made of a shaft, called the rachis and the vanes on either side. Vanes are made of barbs and arranged side by side up the shaft of the feather. Barbules grow from the barbas, which have tiny hooks that interlock in a similar way to hook-and-loop fasteners.

The short bare part at the base of the shaft is called the calamus. If viewed crossways, the calamus is basically hollow. An opening exists at the very tip of the base where the blood supply entered the feather when it was growing. Once a feather is fully grown, though, the supply of blood is sealed off and the feather, itself, becomes dead, similar to the ends of human nails.

On most flight feathers, the vanes are unequal length. This gives feathers the ability to twist under air pressure. The large flight feathers are attached to bone by connective tissue and have little or no down at the base. All other feathers are attached to muscles below the skin.

What I find most interesting about the facts of feathers on birds is that once they grow to fullness, they actually die. So, birds fly, sail, and swoop down from the sky with utmost accuracy using dead feathers. I wonder what this metaphor in nature would indicate to us, as most humans have dreams of flying like a bird, light as air, sailing above troubles and earthly problems.

Today as you digest the amazing truth about feathers, share with me any stories you have that might help all of us understand more truth about these amazing creations.


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