The Art of Waiting

Nothing is more frustrating in life than having to wait. We wait on the phone for service, sometimes for hours to get help with our cable, our computers, and general customer service. We wait for doctors, for late friends, and for our cars to be ready from service. However, it seems that the place we need to be most adept at waiting is with our own dreams. We get disparaged at the first roadblocks, so much so, sometimes, that we are knocked off course completely. We get frustrated with waiting for our own dreams to manifest, and, yet, we don’t hesitate to stay on hold for hours with customer service in India to get our cable fixed. Something is wrong with this picture.

I realized this in my own life as I meditated this morning. Blissful meditation after blissful meditation, I still wake up anxious for all that I see in my dreams to appear before me. I don’t think anything in life is like magic. What has been in the oven baking, after being carefully prepared by you, is simply ready when it’s ready. The prepared dish seems a surprise because the timer goes off, and we forgot we had already done all of the work. There was nothing magical about how long you worked for your dream.

I remember a time when I got my first publication deal. The news came like a surprise out of the sky; however, I had been writing diligently four novels before it happened. But, I hadn’t planned for this particular publishing deal. I had been hoping one of my novels would be published. But, I’m not so sure Spirit works the way we think It does. We prepare and pray and dream about something specifically. But, God is working to answer our prayers in a nonspecific way. Perhaps, the mountain that you’ve been waiting to be moved is down the street from the one you keep watching.

I used to say that Spirit answered my prayers about finance in unusual ways. I would find many people wanting to trade services for things I needed to pay for. One year, I added up the amount I would have had to pay for services and it was $8000—including dentistry, tree service, maid service, yard work, and even roof repair. This is Spirit working in ways unexpected, which we need to recognize in all areas of our lives—especially relationships.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a friend moan about not having an intimate relationship in his/her life, when the best friend is in love and would be the perfect mate. We have to learn to pray without boundaries. When you pray, let your prayer be: “Spirit, however you see fit, fill this need! In the unfettered abundance of Your universe, show me direction! I can’t see my future through my humanness, so show me the way with the eyes of Spirit!” When we learn to let go of our expectation and wait on the Lord, we will be filled beyond our belief.


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