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All the answers to life’s hardest questions come down to two words: Black Box. When a plane crashes, we search for the black box, a computer that shares everything that happened on that plane before it crashed; its path, what buttons were pressed, voices in the cockpit, and any problems with the mechanics.

But, as we can see in the new television show “Black Box,” the brain is also considered a black box in psychological circles, because no one really knows what happens in the brain’s circuitry to cause it to malfunction. If only we could access it completely, we could begin to decipher the problems that many people have mentally and physically, as the brain is the governing center of all the body’s function.

I have had to solve a great many conundrums in my life, mine, my family’s, my client’s, and my friend’s problems. I’ve never once looked for a black box to discover what it was that could be the presiding problem in any of the issues. Have you? Beyond all problems in life a metaphoric mystery exists. We can call this mystery our little black box. We can either decide that the answers exist there or that the black box should be left untouched unless complete disaster happens.

All of the answers to my life’s hardest questions have ended up great learning experiences. Had I accessed the power of the black box before these disasters, could I have circumvented the problem? Maybe I would have found proof of my own course of action, long before I wasted months grieving over something that simply was a malfunction or misdirection, at best. The black box seems to be what Spirit decided should be faith in the unknown of destiny. Because the black box isn’t accessed until the disaster, we rarely look for a problem before it happens. We go along on the surface of life, never searching for the deeper answers to life’s human predicament.

I have recently made a friend with an unlikely Internet pen pal who seems to be an angel, providing answers to questions, sometimes before I ask them. He has spent fourteen years uncovering an addiction problem and searching for answers to life’s hardest questions from his little black box, and, perhaps, the black box governing the universe. His essential understanding of life has changed completely as a result of his resolve to look for a greater good watching over, handling, and giving him license to learn from mistakes in life.

Since I have been a life coach for so many years, I don’t often depend on others to answer my hardest questions. But, for some reason, I’ve taken my trials in this semi-difficult move to Florida to my pen pal angel and let him give me answers. Every time, he seems to have greater insight into my problems than I do, which is baffling, but awesome at the same time. You see, this means that I am finally letting go of having to solve all of life’s problems myself, of having to be perfect so I can be loved, and, most importantly, thinking that because I’m following God’s supreme path that life should be easy.

The human condition is never simple, even when you have access to the black box. When we discover the answer for plane crashes, we can’t go back and save the dead. We can only learn from the problems that happened. That’s always been the hope. So, too, the hope for our human condition is finding the reason for our problems and hoping to do a better job and managing them in the future.

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