“The Blossom” #poetry #personalgrowth

The Blossom #poetry
by Bo Sebastian

Atop a sturdy stem
Waiting patiently for time
Or the perfect light
Perhaps the dead of darkness to unfold
Beauty lies shrouded ‘neath a few thin layers.
I hold my breath
Never knowing when
God’s own hands will touch me.
A feeding from the torrent of rain
A tug from a hopeful bee
A nudge from dangling butterfly legs
Beauty must wait for the perfect moment.
On the breath of spirit, magic sends the final decree
Purge the freedom veil, so petals float
Creeping silently from cocoons on majestic wings.
A perfect twist of fate
A bloom appears while blinking,
Never while watching
As if gods know that green magic is sacred
Cannot be misused by human will
Rainbow of beauty, grace my windowsill
Know your surging loveliness mirrors the divine
Smiling faces grace every star-filled bloom
As I also watch you fade as life often does
Sometimes too fast… sometimes overdue…
Atop a sturdy stem,
You and I wait with patience for time to bloom—
to unfold in grandeur
In the darkness we gather energy
In the light we gain power
But only with the time of God we manifest perfection.
“God of our being,
Give us grace to wait.”
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