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In Metaphysics we do not believe in an anthropomorphic God or Christ. That being said, what exactly is the Body of Christ? If we understand that anthropomorphic means having human characteristics, then we can quite easily distinguish that Christ and God are not like humans. But how so?

When we see a picture that is to represent Jesus, who was clearly a man, most of us recognize the significance. But can you see or even imagine what the Christ looks like? Remember the word Christ, which was a title given Jesus, means simply the anointed one. What does that look like?

Some people have visions during meditation and prayer. I am one of those people. I have seen ideas, perhaps, in my mind, that represent God or Jesus, but I’m not certain that what I see in my mind is actual or a representation to make a point for me in my mind. In other words, sometimes, even though visions seem to be completely real, they are based on what is already in the human brain, because that is our main reservoir of data through which to compare our thoughts.

If we had never seen a chair, how could we know what a chair looks like in mind? So, even the expression of truth in our dreams, probably is anthropomorphized, simply because of our human brains. The brain, from which all thought is filtered, can only give us the data and results of the data if what we perceive is stored on the mainframe of our brain. If the vision is not comparable to anything that we already know, we are at a loss for words to represent what we see. Right?

What if Spirit were to give us a dream of what the ether actually looks like? Would we be able to recognize it? Many forward thinkers have had visions that they could describe in language, but we could clearly see that what they observed in their dreams was far more intricate than their own vocabulary could express. One of those visionaries was John the Apostle in the “The Book of Revelations,” which most people can identify with. Do you remember the first time you tried to understand Revelations? Quite daunting.

Had the Apostle John taken the time to really think about the vision he had written and wonder about the possibility of the many variations or misinterpretations of his dream, he may have stopped before he began writing. Why? Because, sometimes, that which comes to us spiritually is not meant to be translated into human terms. Sometimes, when I get a vision, we can only try to absorb what we see with even more meditation.

I have had times when my dreams have felt as if I were seeing from seven eyes, giving me complete vision of every side of my body. My dream or spiritual vision was very confusing the first time I saw it. I had to ask for it to be repeated many times, before I began to actually make sense of the perspective Spirit tried to share.

Even in writing this now, I’m thinking, will anyone really even understand what I’m saying? This was for me—from God—in my own meditation. Is it meant to be explained? Can I explain it?

The body of God and the body of Christ are just words that mean, “the make up” of God and Christ. What we can be certain of is that God is limitless, eternal, and omnipresent. So, can we actualize know what that Spiritual body would look like?


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