The Bounce Back Effect

You may have recently heard about the lawsuit Apple v. Samsung. One of the issues of copyright was the bounce back effect of the IPhone. Steve Jobs said it was one of his favorite features of the newest IPhone. The feature bounces you back to the top of the page when you have to scroll down a long page of text on the web.

But today we are not talking about the IPhone or Steve Jobs, though I love my Iphone and love bouncing back every time. I absolutely hate the idea of bounce back when it refers to losing weight and then bouncing back to your original weight or higher. My clients and I both hate the human nature of homeostasis.

Several days ago I started, yet, a new outlook on losing this midsection ten pounds. Recently, I told you that unless I absolutely can say without a shadow of doubt that I am 100% committed to losing this weight, not a chance it hell will it come off. This is true, because as I had lost 4 pounds as of yesterday. Today, however, I gained 2 pounds back. Why? Because, yesterday I had to take a friend to an operation. We had to wait two hours longer than expected. Then, as we drove up to the Walgreen’s drive thru, a technician announced she didn’t have the prescription in stock. So, we had to go to another Walgreens and wait twenty minutes. Because neither of us could wait any longer to eat, we stopped at a Dairy Queen.

I sincerely thought I was being good. I would get the four chicken planks and fries, not eat the fries, and get an Orange Julius, which had some vitamin C. “Oh, Bo!” Why why why? Even I see the senseless mistake that I made. Who can stand not eating some of those French Fries? I ate about 10. But still, now that I think of it, the Orange Julius probably had enough sugar in it to counteract everything, even though I ordered the smallest size and drank ¾ of it.

When we got to the drug store, Sharon insisted on buying Mint Milanos. Well, I thought, she is going to eat them. I don’t feel responsible for a friend buying comfort food. Except, I also partook in the luscious treat eating a total of six of those. As I filled my day with “things” to do and had 2 extra hours cut out of my day, I didn’t get to do my exercises, so I did a very shortened version of it.

Even with all that, I still gained about 1 ½ pounds. Even with trying, you will bounce back. Trying, I reiterate, is not enough. Had I been committed to the process, I would have started by stopping somewhere we both could have eaten a healthy lunch. There was a Japanese restaurant nearby. Then not eaten the cookies and I would have used some television time to exercise or at least bounce on my fitness ball. What I just described is commitment. What I did was “trying” to commit.

I learn yet another lesson about how to care for my weight-loss clients in my attempt to lose ten pounds. This is very similar to the idea that some smokers come up with: “Can you get me down to just one cigarette a day?” they ask.

My answer is, “Yes, I can do that. It will last for about two weeks, then you will be back to smoking a pack or more a day.”

It’s the bounce-back effect!

* * *

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