The Breaking Point—A Relationship Gets Overloaded

I know two soul mates in their twenties who fell in love and got married after a year of blissful dating. Their relationship seemed steady and consistent… on the road to being the perfect template of a middle-class family with 2 ½ children. However, after only six months of marital joy, the young man got diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and immediately began aggressive treatment.

I have to be honest; this dude was very attractive before his diagnoses—robust, handsome, very nice, and in shape. But, suddenly, he was emaciated, completely bald, his face swollen like he had been on anabolic steroids, and sicker than any one individual could bear. As the primary breadwinner of the family, his wife now had to find sitters for him and go back to work to afford to live with an ailing husband and a burgeoning child in her womb. Fortunately, they had a very supportive church family who helped in all ways.

In a flash, what looked to be the perfect marriage was now a struggling fight to stay afloat and literally alive! Time passed. After a year, this man actually got healthier. He gained about 75 pounds more than he had been. He didn’t have enough energy to workout, so he appeared weak and pale. But, he was able to return to work. Not as cheerful as he had been before the cancer, but certainly as nice. I could see a vast difference in his demeanor after what he had suffered the prior year.

Before the cancer, he was always cheerful and a real go-getter. Now, I believe, getting through the day is just about as much as he can handle. With a one-year-old baby and a wife that has returned to being a dependent, the stress of this relationship is probably more than he can handle. I can’t even imagine how his wife feels.

I do, however, wonder even more about how I would feel in that same situation. What if I actually married my partner, whom I adore and feel is the perfect match for me, and everything changed six months after the marriage? What if he got diagnosed with a deadly illness, lost his job, was really an adulterer, or even worse—died? How would that change our relationship and my life? Would the love and trust, which is the glue to any intimate relationship withhold the cracks in the foundation and the weight of the harsh present?

Interestingly enough, my last relationship went through a few of the same difficulties as stated above, so I have a clear perspective on how it affected me. After my last partner moved in, I began to discover things about him that were completely contrary to my understanding of him. He got diagnosed with a heart complication, lost his job, lost his income, got sued by the government, and tried to have an affair with a friend—all in a period of 7 months. Since it was the beginning of our relationship together, the answer quickly became very clear about what I had to do.

When someone gets sick, you except to stand by him. When someone loses a job, you do what you can financially to support him until he gets back on his feet. But when all of this happens at once, and the best he can do is sit and watch television 10 hours a day and make passes at a good friend, you cut the strings and say goodbye.

I’m not afraid to admit I made a bad mistake and start over. In fact, I’m glad I did. I’ve met a much more compatible partner in the process and one who is way more securely attached, as well.

Men simply look at relationship different than women. Men wonder about if we lose the attraction to our partners, if we would still be satisfied in the relationship. This probably means that too much weight rests of the physical and ego, and not on the spiritual part of oneself. Before marriage, you musts know without a shadow of a doubt that this person is supposed to be a part of your life no matter what happens. With that knowledge, I guess, you could endure any problems or sickness. But when adultery and lying enter in, this becomes a matter of cleaning up a mess and starting over.


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