The Catapult Effect of Answered Prayer

In the past six months I have been praying and treating (which is a form of effective prayer) for something very specific. I pray with passion and with certainty almost every time I meditate. I feel certain that our passion drives love to effective prayer.

Because this particular manifestation is so important to my future as a human being, I’ll tell you that Spirit has opened a doorway to an answer to my consistent prayer. The answer was so specific, so pertinent, and completely holds every aspect of my wishes in one particularly delicate moment in time. I absolutely know that the gift sits before me waiting to be opened.

Funny, now, you would think that after praying so long, I would have expected what was so perfectly designed and choreographed by Spirit. And, not only expected, but would be thankful. However, as the prayer was being answered, I knew in my heart that something special had changed—shifted—and that I would never be the same. But, in that next moment, a couple of negative emotions came up: Am I ready for this? Am I worthy for happiness? And is this another chance to make the same mistakes all over again?

This is where the catapult effect comes into play. On the path of life, sometimes we come to places that we must leap over to get to the next stage of our lives; otherwise, we would have to stay on the same side of our mistakes and past forever, holding the fear of falling closer to our hearts than the expectation of landing in a secure place. So, with a new manifestation of good in our lives, sometimes, we must take a running start and leap, as high, and as long as can, catching the wind of Spirit for some extra help to get to the next step of our destination. As we do so, we feel freer and stronger than ever.

As one who believes in the power of manifesting through prayer, I must also have the passion and the fortitude to accept God’s gifts and be thankful! Today is a day to remember something wonderful that you had prayed for in the past and received. When this gift appeared in your life, what exactly did you do to accept the gift? How open were your arms? Then, how did you express your gratitude to God?

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