The Christ In You: Your Christmas Gift from God

So many people think that the Master Jesus’ last name is Christ. In the time of Jesus, last names were nonexistent. In fact, the name of the town Jesus lived in was connected to his first name; hence, Jesus of Nazareth. The word Christ was given Jesus as a title. The Greek word Christos means the anointed one or the messiah.

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus,” is Paul’s advice in Philippians. So, Paul suggests that we look to Jesus for the role of God in his life and mimic or mirror that anointing. When we think of that kingdom of God in Christ living and breathing within us, we either consider it blasphemy or we think we are not ready or good enough to have such power. But what happens when we open our lives and minds to this anointing? Our entire world changes. We reach from our small ego thinking to a land where only responsible spiritual warriors exist.

I had an amazing meditation this morning. I began with my 5 a.m. meditation before I took out my dog. But when I got back into my home, I felt the need to press forward into yet another meditation. I knew, however, this one would be very telling, because my heart wasn’t just meditating to appease or nurture my soul as in my daily practice. I was led to this meditation; which, for me, means that Spirit is ready to reveal something powerful.

When I sat quietly, I asked God, my spirit guides, myself, (whatever It is that you want to call your higher power): What is it that I need to learn here?

When I opened my heart and mind to understanding, divine wisdom began to pour through my body. I felt my arms actually levitating without my mind attached. This was a bizarre feeling, but I let it happen to see where Spirit would lead. Of course, the physical sensation had little to do with the lesson I learned.

A guide came to me—she called herself Evelyn. But, I sensed I knew her from another part of my life. Indeed, she shared that she had been my caring neighbor, Mary, who took care of me after my mother left my father, when I was a child. Evelyn took me on a journey, similar to the Christmas Story with Ebenezer Scrooge. However, I was not taken to any old haunts to undo past injustices. I was taken to a new land. In this new place, completely untouched by any humanness, I finally saw a glimpse of the power of the Christ in me! The feeling was amazing. I felt much like a sojourner in a new world where I was completely in charge of an entire world—my world—God’s world.

With this vision, I begin to understand the metaphor, now, of the birth of Christ IN me. We are all meant to do works greater than Jesus. (John 14:12) If we are to step out into the prophecy of Jesus, then, we must risk all that we have believed about ourselves and God. In so doing, we meet our destiny—our own anointing—our own Christ. Welcome Christmas! Welcome to the birth of the kingdom within you. Welcome the power that is bestowed upon you with responsibility and honor, sons and daughters of the living God, made for great things.

In this season of Christmas, put down your physical gifts for a moment, and open your arms to the precious gift from Spirit awaiting you!


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