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“God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” Hermes Trismegistus.

Circles are everywhere. The idea of everything moving in circles (the moon around the earth; the earth around the sun—creating day and night; years are cyclical; cars and bicycles use wheels; machines use gears that are circles; often, even our thoughts are cyclical) has been around since the beginning of time. What confuses most people is that we have no idea what is in the center of God or where the epicenter exists. Here begins the basic principles of faith.

Recently, my faith had waned around the idea that I felt was inspired to move to Florida by Spirit, but had been stymied by the selling of my home in Nashville. I realized in the center of my own disbelief was an atheistic idea that, somehow, God had forgotten his plan for me. Yesterday, I met with an old friend for breakfast. As we talked about my discontent, she reminded me the simplest principal of faith: God has a plan!

As I repeat that phrase to myself, I realize that, indeed, the plan for my life is always, and has always been perfectly designed for everyone in my life, most importantly—me. I can’t think of one incidence in my life that hasn’t brought forth an important spiritual lesson to lead me to a deeper belief and perhaps to the epicenter of my own spirit. Maybe this is where God exists. Have you ever thought about the scripture in the Christian bible that says, “The kingdom of God is within”?

I remember a time when I lived in NYC. I was in my bed, sitting up meditating on this particular scripture. As I moved deeper into meditation, I felt, as I often do, that I had moved into a trance of sorts. This time, my eyes were open, though. As I looked in front of me, I saw an open vision of a man, perhaps an angel or my image of what Jesus appears as, walking toward me. The wall crumbled as he moved closer. Suddenly, he walked into my body. As this happened, I closed my eyes and felt as if I had been transported into a heavenly place where I was met with many elders dressed in long white robes. I heard a voice say: “You have been chosen for this path to be a teacher and a spiritual leader for the world!”

I remember answering the voice: “But I don’t want to return to my human body. This place is perfect and wonderful.”

“This has been your destiny and your choice since the beginning of time,” the Voice answered. It was then I was transported, perhaps, to my own epicenter, where I agreed to take on this human journey. I will never forget the dream, so real and auspicious that my life changed in that moment.

When my spirit returned to my body, I felt as though the weight of the world had fallen upon me. The heaviness and density of my human body encapsulated the weightless spirit of the moments prior. I wrote down the vision in my journal, as I know many dreams dissipate as life moves us into our conscious, deductive process—daily life. I wanted to remember this journey throughout my existence here.

As I recapitulate the story to you, my entire human self recognizes that I have—in the epicenter of my soul—a basic journey designed, perhaps by my spiritual self—perhaps, by God—from the beginning of time. When I embrace this premise, all disbelief moves away, and I rest in the arms of faith—in the center of a circle of unconditional Love.



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