The Common Thread

The Common Thread

What do we all have in common, bad or good, black or white, gay or straight, male or female?

We are all spiritual beings living in a human body, whether we want to make the choice of being aware of this or not. We may have blocked out the hearing mechanism of our spirit from never listening, but it will always be calmly drawing us to the light. Our bodies will be loudly screaming like crying babies with their egos wanting more and hungering for everything they see. This is the common thread.

This common thread is also a place where we can find compassion and live from a place of non-judgment. No one has passed through life without feeling the wants, fears and desires of the flesh. We wake up hungry, go to sleep tired, and need money to survive. These are all physical, human needs. You can’t survive this human life without them. And getting caught up in the many wonderful extras is just part of it. Succumbing to the idea that life has you by the gonads and you’ll never get ahead is another way that you can get snagged by the ego. Either way, you experience what it feels like to be human.

If you have felt the temptations of a human, then finding compassion in your heart to forgive and love through the many faults of those around you is not such a grand step to take.

The Buddhists believe that compassion is one of the greatest virtues a human can have. For that reason, I find the religion fascinating, because compassion is probably the hardest quality to possess in life.

Today, as the people in your life pass you by, think of those who have harmed you, faulted you, or done you wrong. Imagine a scenario where you have thought about doing something similar or actually wronged someone. See if your heart can find room for compassion for that individual in your life now who is bothering you.

I’m not asking you to let that person back into you life (i.e. good boundaries, yesterday’s blog). But I am asking your heart to be free of un-forgiveness. When you can let go and let Spirit be free to live, and move and breathe through you with all It’s fullness, you will be all you can be.

You be that mighty warrior, that strong business person, that prosperous parent, that future leader, or that teacher who changes lives. I wish that for you today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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