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There is only one Creative Mind—beyond all of our differences, our language barriers, our religious idiosyncrasies, and individual laws. This Mind is shared by all When we learn to move into this state of mind, we become co-Creators with the One Universal Power of Good, because the Creative Mind of Source (the energy of God) is a part of you, too!

For the beginner in Metaphysics or—Spirituality without Borders—this first paragraph sounds daunting. I remember when I first heard these concepts, I thought, I guess I’m always going to have to pray with a teacher or a minister who knows these facts, because I don’t get the Idea at all! Then, I took one great class that changed everything for me. I hope to share what I learned in that class with you, to unravel the intricacies of Creative Mind and teach you easy concepts to change your own life.

Let’s start with a simple definition of Creative Mind:

Beyond our limited, conscious mind, individually, we have a subjective mind. Our subjective mind, we use to dream and create. You can access this mind easily by imagining something right now, anything. Perhaps, imagine an orange in your mind. To do this small exercise, you use your subjective mind. It’s that easy!

So, your imagination is part of the Creative Mind of Spirit. The concept here is simple, really. When you dream, you not only use your mind, but you, also, use the Creative Mind, as well. So, dreaming—especially with intention—holds great, creative power.

So, what I would like for you to accomplish today is easy. Every time you imagine something, know that your imagination has the possibility of holding unlimited power for good or may cause negativity. So, if you feel yourself thinking negative thoughts, know that you are putting negative energy into the creative field of mind.

This fact alone helps me avoid negative thoughts. When I feel myself creating a negative thought—I simply change it immediately. For example:

Bo thinks: I don’t see any money coming into my bank account today or this week. I must be doing something wrong. I am never going to be smart enough, good enough, or bright enough to accomplish what I’ve set out to do!

Bo CHANGES HIS THOUGHTS TO: Source has unlimited resources all around me. All of life is sustained by this powerful Source. I am one as this Source right now. This is truth. This is Law. Nothing can change this reality. So, prosperity is mine already. I am on the pathway to good and right thinking, as I set my mind to be One with the Power of this Creative Mind.

As we change our minds, we change our lives. Even, if in this moment, we only experience peace of mind, we have accomplished a great feat. Worry causes negative energy to go to your life and toward your dreams. So, today, be conscious of this powerful energy and use The Creative Mind for your Good!

More about this tomorrow.

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