The Dance of the Thought Children

When some event or relationship sends your mind on a journey of imagining—good or bad—this is known as the “Dance of the Thought Children,” coined by a New Thought ministers in the mid-1900s. Remember the years of disco? Hundreds of people  crowded onto a dance floor, gyrating to steady, thumping beats. Like our thoughts, the mood felt frenetic, cluttered, and almost claustrophobic. You realized, then, that this was supposed to be fun, and then committed solely to the process of releasing and letting go of all that no longer served you from the past week.

Do we have the capability to change our thought process about the dancing thoughts in our minds, as well? Can we see our minds as a disco floor giving way for compelling thoughts to rise to the surface and dance for awhile, until right and just decisions are made and the perfect direction is found?

Thoughts are not meant to control you. Your mind has the ability to become the observer of your humanness, from practice in meditation. When we can look back at our thoughts and listen objectively—without judgement—we don’t feel compelled to believe that every thought originated from our subjective (God) mind.

Billions of thoughts float around in the ethers all the time. Sometimes, a thought will pop into your mind that doesn’t feel as if you had anything to do with putting it there. If you aren’t aware that your mind had been subject to programming by television, teachers, movies, and parents, then you may consider that the current thought in your mind is solely yours. What if the thought sounds like this: “Run over that slow ass person. Why is a 90-year old crossing a busy intersection anyway during rush hour!”

You would think, am I crazy? I would never do such a thing! However, the thought was there. If you had believed that this thought was yours, coming from a part of your own consciousness that truly believed this person didn’t have a right to life, then this would cause a caustic dance in your mind. Your consciousness would fight with your moral brain. If you simply think, instead, that this thought is fleeting, not your personal belief, and tell it, “Thanks for sharing,” then, you may move on from it without much deliberation. You will be much more apt to retain clarity of thought, thereafter.

Thoughts are like children dancing, not adults dancing. Children flounder about, have no direction, and often don’t stay with the rhythm. In other words, thoughts are wieldy and need to be reigned in, to be subject to a higher part of the human consciousness. You must become like a parent to these wild and crazy thoughts and direct them with peaceful truth.

For example, if your mind is particularly active about a certain person’s bad behavior toward you, you may consider telling these negative thoughts about this person, “Shelly is a child of God. Even though she acts in a way that disturbs me, I will not be thrown off course by her. I am a crystal in the chaos of life. I retain the peace of God in all circumstance!”

When you rise above the challenge of negative thinking, take control with a positive affirmation, you change the dance of the children to a slow waltz of two consenting adults. A partnership with two opposing thoughts dance, now, with the same rhythm and intention.

We can “bring every thought into captivity,” as the Apostle Paul says in the Christian bible in 2 Corinthians 10:5. Another translations says, “We take every thought captive so that it is obedient to Christ… and we carry off every thought as if into slavery…” I would take this scripture one step further and say “into our Christ (mind),” as we must feel as if God’s power is also our power to make this metaphor our own. We were created in the image of Spirit God. So our mind is God’s Mind. “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,” Paul says in Philippians 2:5.

In conclusion, the dance of the thought children can be joyful or it can be confusing. This decision is up to you. If you let your thoughts rise, without judgment, then you are able to see how your human mind (much like a computer’s mainframe) had been programmed to think. With this important data, you can make a shift or a change to your belief, simply by reeling in your unwieldy thoughts and calming them with the truth you know and understand with your Subjective (Christ) Mind.

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