The Death of a Friend and Client— #livinginthenow

I woke up this morning and posted my blog. As I looked through my email, I noticed that one of my dearest friend’s mother past away on Wednesday. I felt so badly, because I had no idea. Allen and I were just with her and her son the week before we left for our trip. We were told that though her cancer was worsening, she had about eight months to a year to live. Apparently, that wasn’t so.

I’m in a state of shock, as we all get when someone we know and love dies. She and I entered into some deep therapy together, so I feel as though I understood her more than most. Her struggles in life were deep. Even still, she seemed to always have a big smile on her face and a warm hug for you when she greeted you.

The Buddhists have a ritual where you imagine someone you love perishing all the way until you she their bones and skin becoming one with the earth again. I believe this ritual is a beautiful one because, not only does it prepare us for the inevitable; but more importantly, helps us realize that life and love is ephemeral. It doesn’t last long. If you are anything like me, you know that time gets faster and faster the older you get. I blinked my eye and my vacation was over. Here I sit writing at my desk feeling as if the beautiful ocean and sun surrounding me for 10 days was just a picture in my mind.

These days and times always bring me back to the importance of living in the now. A great woman said during the time of a recurring cancer: “The secret to happiness is to love the moment that you’re in, more than the moment that just passed you by.” I believe that to be true down to my bones.


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