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Everything around you judges. “That email you just wrote scored a perfect 10. Its content was right on target; its vocabulary was stellar, and most importantly, you sent it at the perfect time.” We tend to judge most things as well. “That cup of Starbucks hit the spot. On a scale of one to ten it was about an 8. It did taste as if it weren’t the freshest I’d tasted there, but nonetheless, it was worth the $4. I’m amped up, pumped up, and ready to start my day.”

But Jesus was very concerned about being conformed to the diagnosis of the world. He said, “Be ye not conformed to the judgment of the world.” What exactly did he mean? You know the judgments of the days of Jesus may have been strict, but they had so little to judge. It was either sin or death—sick and sent to the outskirts of the city. But today, we get judged for everything we do. We get up in the morning, we have to diagnose the conformity of a bowel movement to tell if we ate properly. We have to dress accordingly to the day we have. We have to be up and aware for meetings, present all of our ideas on point, and many times get judged harshly for not being prepared. How can we not conform?

That, my friends, is a very good question. I have spent my entire life trying to find a way not to conform to the world. It seems that the more I resist life’s conformity, the more I realize that I am freer than I have ever been. At present, I have completely dismantled my life. I have changed coarse midstream and have started three new careers in the midst of many other things I do. I have decided that if I don’t do what I’m here to do, then there simply is no reason to be here. So, I’m moving head first into areas I resisted for the very reason I write to you—because of judgment and conformity.

I resisted my calling for so long because I let the world and all of its judges tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I’m here to tell you today, if you are feeling the same way as I do, don’t wait another day to pursue your dreams. If you have to expertise to follow your dream and have the motivation, start today.

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