The Difference Between Is and Was

I had a literary manager who represented my books, suggesting them to book companies, and submitted me for speaking engagements. After months of not being very effective, I asked to see the Press Kit he sent to the clients on my behalf. The first thing I read was the introductory letter. The first line said: “Bo Sebastian is a Pentecostal Preacher!” The rest of the letter was fairly on target with what I am and represent, but the untruth of the first sentence eschewed the entire letter. Thirty years ago, I had been a Pentecostal minister, not a preacher. Today, I would say that most Pentecostals stand against what I believe and who I am as a gay person. So, to say “is” instead of “was” in that introductory sentence was a huge mistake. Yet, the manager would not take responsibility for his blunder.

The reason why I share this story is that none of us are who we were even just five minutes ago. In fact, sometimes I feel as if looking back at that part of my life as a street minister is like watching a movie about a completely different person. My opinions were right winged, my actions were condemning, and I believed in a doctrine that doesn’t serve anything I believe today. Yet, that man was a part of who I was. He is not, however, who I am today.

Most of my clients come to me with an issue that has caused them to seek help. When we resolve the issue, whatever it is that caused the issue is now free to rise up to be healed. Most often this issue is a place in the past that a client condemns him-/herself for. The negativity squelched down can harm a person’s subconscious and effect every part of the daily life.

We know that what we have in mind, expresses in kind in our lives. So, that if we condemn ourselves, we will also attract people who condemn us. If we also limit the good in our lives, by thinking on negativity instead of positive thoughts, then the effect will be poverty. You’ve heard in the bible that “the rich will get richer and the poor will become poorer.” This is because a mind that thinks with prosperity, will produce prosperity. And a mind that continue in poverty thinking, will continue to be poor.

For instance, imagine that when you were a child you stole a car. You went to jail for a year, as a result. When you got out, life was very difficult. You had to rebuild every part of your life from the bottom, because no one trusted you. You had difficulty finding a job, and even family kept you at a distance.

Now, fast forward to twenty-five years from that day. You are still struggling with finances. You smoke cigarettes and eat to keep your mind from thinking about your pain. And almost every job you get, you also attract an adversary at work.

This kind of person—no matter what the childhood circumstance, even if it wasn’t a child’s fault, like rape—often thinks that this is his/her just due. But to move forward as Spirit would have you do, you have to lose the old you and take on the image that God has for you.

What I do when there is a negative thought in my mind is to make a positive retraction to say to that thought every time it comes up. For instance, in this situation, the client may hear in his mind, “You have stolen and gone to jail. You will never be a part of normal society. You will never be rich.”

When that thought rises, he should repeat aloud, if he can, “I am a success now, and nothing from my past and no one in my present can hinder my good. All negative feelings show me my human fears, so that I can resolve my disbelief and walk toward oneness with God!” Removing the negative in the subconscious mind is the only way to clear a space for your good to come through.

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