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Over the years, the studies about the effects of cow’s milk on the human body have gone from bad to worse. However, the tests on the liquid milk as compared to the fermented forms of milk products (cheeses and yogurt) seems to create the exact opposite effect.

Thomas M. Campbell, MD is medical director of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies says that liquid cow’s milk in tests for woman consuming more than 3 glasses of milk a day had almost twice the mortality over 20 years compared to those women consuming less than one glass of milk a day. In addition, the high consumption of milk did not increase bone density, but rather decreased it.

Interestingly, the study also found that fermented milk products (cheese and yogurt) significantly decreased mortality and fractures among these women. For each serving of these fermented dairy products, the rate of mortality and hip fractures was reduced by 10-15%. The researchers pin the negative effects of liquid milk on D-galactose, a breakdown product of lactose that has been shown to be pro-inflammatory. Milk has much more D-galactose than does cheese or yogurt.

Also, what I find interesting in the study is that a vast difference in mortality came from simply maintaining a low consumption of liquid milk, i.e. less than one glass a day, rather than the 3 glasses that we have all heard for the majority of our lives. I don’t know about you, but I rarely ever drink more than one glass of milk a day as an adult.

One other factor that this study left out was the difference between organic and nonorganic milk. In a different study done by The Journal of Dairy Science, 200 different dairy farms and their liquid milk were tested for vitamins and essential health properties. Interestingly, the organic milk and the nonorganic milk, even though the cows were fed differently, had little change, if any, in the resulted milk product from the varying cows.

For me, the difference in organic and inorganic processing is more about how the animals are treated and the use of less wheat grains (GMOs) to feed them than it is about the resulting product. However, even with the GMOs being present in the nonorganic farms, the scientists found little difference in the resulting milk.

So, if you’re a milk drinker, these facts seem to lead to drinking less than one glass a day of either organic or nonorganic milk, and leaning more toward fermented dairy products to get your protein, specifically if you are an ovo lacto vegetarian.



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