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Everyone loves to get a prayer answered. However, answers to prayers are not random, as one might think. When praying with divine love and wisdom, the effects of prayer automatically happen according to the law of cause and effect. This law of the universe is here for everyone, not just the good or the believer. You, no matter what your belief, can focus your attention and energy on something—anything—and create it.

You’ve seen these results in your life over and over, both with negative and positive thinking. You want a job, a new car, a home, a child, or on the opposing side—you have anxiety about finances, feel ugly, fat, useless. You dream and think about it, without ceasing. Soon, it appears in your life, good or bad. This is not an accident. It is the law of cause and effect. The cause is your belief and thought. The effect is the right outcome.

So, why can we believe wholeheartedly for some things and not for others? This has alluded me most of my life. I’m sure, because I have had so many clients speak of the same conundrum, that most people have trouble creating good in one particular area of his/her life. Negativity seems to flow unceasingly for many people, because of how much energy they spend thinking about fear and believing in the power of it. Let’s look at this problem today with the science of right prayer.

If you are made in the image of God, God is in you, and you have not because you do not ask (all bible verses)! We all have the power of God on our side to create anything in our lives. We even have the power to create negativity, which is basically the opposite of that which benefits you and other people in the world. In other words, you could want something selfishly, receive it, and it could benefit no one but you. This doesn’t keep the law from not working. Although, we would all like to think that love trumps bad, it often doesn’t—not because God isn’t on the side of Good. God can and is only on the side of the Law, much like law is created in society to protect everyone.

God created the Law of prayer and cause and effect so that the select that would understand this law could bring love and effective change into the world. Spirit counts on you and I to use this law to create the Good in the world, so our societies will not be overcome with evil and destroy itself. This is, perhaps, why you feel led to do good things for people. This desire to help the world is in our Spiritual DNA. Denying is a possibility, but it is certainly there, no matter what you believe about a higher power.

Every day for a few weeks, I pass a lovely woman in my apartment complex. Her smile lights up her pathway. We exchange niceties, but I don’t even know her name, as she doesn’t know mine, either. This morning, after my meditation, I took my dog for a walk. When I came back to the apartment, someone had perched a card on my door.

I opened it anxiously to read it, as I had no idea who it might be from (and it is my birthday week, so the added excitement of getting unexpected treats is in the air). This card was from that friendly neighbor I often pass. She wanted to thank me for being a light to her. She said I appeared to be an angel in her path. How lovely to get that card today—a better gift to me than a birthday card. Just as I had been praying to be a light to the world, the answer to my prayer appears. The cause of my prayer immediately made an effect on the world. I believe Spirit was communicating to me how powerful prayer can be—and how immediate a result could come as I begin to recognize the power each thought holds.

Today, think about the power you have in a smile, a thought, or a simple kind action. Make every moment count!

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