The Face Mask

I remember as a child in Catholic school, when the nuns would tell me that I should strive to be like Jesus, I became frightened. I imagined that living a life following the Master’s footsteps would ultimately lead to death’s door. Take up the cross and follow, meant more pain and struggle than I wanted to give, especially at such a tender age.

When I was eight, my family stopped attending church. I decided I still wanted to go, though, because I always felt the presence of something magical in the ceremony. I continued to hitchhike to church until I moved in with my single mother in eleventh grade. At that time, I was offered the job of the church organist for the Catholic church next door to our apartment complex. I actually led my first choir at 16 years old. The old men in the choir hated the fact that I was so young, which didn’t make up for the fact that not one of them sang terribly on pitch. Nonetheless, it was a job, my first one. Playing the organ for my man, Jesus!

I guess this was when I donned my first mask. A good Christian couldn’t be gay, and even by then, I knew I was way different than every other boy in my high school. So, I had to pretend that I was straight for the good of the congregation and to keep my job. People just weren’t out of the closet then, especially in the church. Everything happened in secret, in vestibules, and in choir lofts.

I learned early on that a mask was harder than a lie. To maintain the mask I had to learn to create a web of deceit that even I began to believe. This meant dating girls, having dude friends that confirmed my straight story, and also kissing a girl, which I didn’t like at all. Sorry, Katie Perry!

For my birthday this year, a dear friend bought me some facial products that included a clinical facial masque. The instructions were in French, so I all remember thinking when I applied it was: oo, Spa Night!

I watched, at least, three television shows before I realized that the masque began to sting like a sunburn. When I went to the bathroom to wash it off, my skin felt a bit sensitive, not like the $5-peel-off masques I bought at Big Lots. The next day, I woke up with my eyes swollen and had bright red bags under my them the size and texture of a Sunkist orange wedge. All I wanted to do was scratch my face off.

I tried every form of cream I had in the house to stop the itch. I washed, I scrubbed, I even exfoliated, but nothing helped but very cold washcloths all over it—me. I began to break out in hives on my shoulders and chest. How could one mask cause so much trouble?

Alas, this was the story of my life. By the time I reached thirty, I had gone in and out of the closet four times, using masks aplenty. I didn’t know what I was, who I was, or what I wanted to be when I grew up. I just knew that what I didn’t want was to be hated, despised, and ostracized from those I loved. Those I loved all believed that being gay was simply wrong.

Remnants of my life had times when I understood that a community of likeminded men and women would help me find refuge, but I didn’t become certain I wanted to be a part of their fold until I recognized that masks were a part of life and religion too. When I would become an integral part of a church, I saw a side of ministers and lay people alike that didn’t mimic the footsteps of Jesus at all. In fact, sometimes I felt as if, when the masks came off, and the ministers appeared as humans, we all had scarier demons just beneath like the fiery red facial masque that never peeled off. Are we better wearing the masks than unveiling our true selves?

Last night, I watched the winter finale of the television show Nashville. The depiction of the sub-character country male singer who hid being gay to further his career, stood in front of a train and ended his life. This result happens when you wear a mask. Alcoholism, drug addiction, secret sex addiction, overeating all happen when, what you wear NOT is your authentic self. You can always deal with an addiction and the reaction of taking off the mask, but you can’t change who you really are.


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