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Albert Einstein said: “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Notice, Einstein didn’t say, “This is religion or spirituality.” He said, “This is physics!” Can you imagine how much energy across the world it took to get this law about gay marriage passed by the Supreme Court? So, how do we do what Einstein suggested in our own lives with our individual dreams?

First, let’s break down what Einstein said. “Match the frequency of the reality” means that every reality carries with it a vibration, even in mind. So, if you can imagine what it feels like to have something or possess your dream, you are on the way to matching the frequency of your reality. This frequency will eventually create your dream.

This theory is from quantum physics, in case you didn’t know. Slow moving energy forms physical objects. A rock is very slow moving energy. However, an idea is very fast moving energy, in theory. Focusing your attention on the idea of a rock, can actually slow the vibrations in your brain enough to match its frequency. So, if I wanted a rock, I could sit around and easily find a rock. We all know people who look as though they are thinking about rocks! lol

However, if I want to change my relationship status on Facebook to married, I may have to do a lot more thinking and dreaming, than imagining a rock. This energy frequency matching happens in meditation and, then, afterwards, as you continue to hold in mind your dream, as if it were already with you. You see the energy of passion for something is actually what creates your dream. Don’t just talk about it or pray to something for it. Feel it. Experience it in your mind! Drive all of your creative energy toward that dream! This is what creates a new reality. Yes, it’s work. But, imagine that your time in meditation is the time in which you create a blueprint of your new reality.

Your prayer before your meditation could be this:

“I am now and always flowing in divine energy and with prosperity. I am one as Source, where no fear exists. I use my talents and the gifts in my life to move humanity toward love and peace. As I’m one with my gifts, I am one with God—fearless, masterful, and always on a path toward healing myself and the world!”

Then, after meditation, and intermittently during meditation, you may say something specific such as: “I see myself already performing as the lead in a Broadway show making lots of money.” Then, match that vision with a feeling or frequency. If you don’t know what it would feel like to be in a Broadway show, find an alternative feeling that matches the vibration of your dream. Perhaps, it might be when you went skiing and effortless maneuvered your first big mountain. That refreshing, exhilarating feeling of accomplishment and excitement of something new may parallel the feeling of standing in front of a Broadway audience. Only you can find that parallel within you that will stimulate the kind of energy that can produce your reality. This is so important to manifesting your dream.

Being inspired and taking steps toward your inspiration is also part of manifesting a dream, which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

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