The God Clause—Spirit Led Me! #blaminggod

I have often used the words: “I really felt led by God or spirit” to move forward in life. When I say this, I somehow think a mandate happens, as a result. Because God led me to it, perhaps a relationship or a job, then this statement should have a period after it. In truth, just because we are led to anything in life, this doesn’t make it have the ingredients of glue. We should, in truth, put a question mark after statements like these to ensure we don’t Blame God for something the universe intended completely.

For instance, you and your partner feel that God brought you together. You had about six synchronistic events that made each of you feel your relationship was destiny. Does this make the longevity and inevitability of your relationship solid?

One would think that God’s purpose would be the penultimate say-so. However, God could have brought a wonderful child into your life. At sixteen, the same child is killed in an auto accident. Is this still God’s will for you and for the child? In other words, do we attribute blame to God because we don’t understand the nature of “being led by spirit”?

I think we do. I have been one of the most irresponsible people using “God’s will” as an excuse to blame myself and others for mishaps in my life. The will of God in any relationship could, and mostly like is, for you to learn a huge lesson. After all, isn’t earth the place we learn all of these hard lessons? How else will we learn them if not by using the people who are the dearest to us to show us the way?

In my mind, we have all made spiritual pacts with each other before we ever come to the earth in body. As a spirit, we were creating scenarios, perfect situations for each of our characters to learn the hard lessons of truth. Why else would life be so ephemeral? In the Buddhist tradition, this moving through lifetimes learning lessons is one of the greatest gifts we could have before entering the perfect state, Nirvana—in Christianity and Judaism, heaven.

So, stop blaming God or “God’s will” for your life. Put a Question mark after “God led me to this” and move on! Know that spirit has many intentions for each of our relationships, including family, intimate love, and friends. The secret to happiness is walking through these spiritual plans with Poise and Grace!
(A special thanks to Keith for giving me some sound advice about the above.)

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