The Hair of a Tiger

I often wonder if I were to be placed in the middle of the wild jungle, if I would survive. You see these television shows or movies where people create arrows out of sharp rocks and use twine to connect it to a narrow tree branch to make a spear. They go off hunting for fish and wild animals. They find flint and make a fire. I guess use the pelts to create clothes. Goodness, I would be so grossed out by the first night, I would be begging for a tiger to kill me, I’m sure.

But I say that; then I wonder if my desire to live would kick in. I had a very close friend who would share with me that she was often ambivalent about life. She wasn’t afraid of death, in fact, thought that she would welcome it, if it ever knocked at her door. But the moment she became sick with colon cancer, she became like a tiger fighting for her life. Every moment of every day her will to live became stronger. To tell you the truth, I was shocked.

She shared that once you are told that you are going to die, something happens inside of you. Every day begins to become precious. You look at everything differently. I almost wished that I had that first hand insight—without the death. Why was it that most of us were taking life for granted, and this woman I loved and cherished was about to die, and only then could she begin to embrace the grace that life had to offer.

The truth is I did learn her lesson when she died, most days. I try to imagine her words and learn from her, even when life gets tough. She gave me a silver bell one Christmas. I’ll treasure that bell always. I keep it by my bed.

Last night as I watched a Christmas concert, an older gentleman told a story to some young children on stage about a boy who’s wish was to have a silver bell from Santa’s sleigh. Suddenly, like out of a dream, Linda’s voice came into my heart. “I’m here with you!” she said. “Always, like that bell.”

The song about brought me to tears. It was a joyful song, but my heart was crying tears of sadness, because I missed the one person who really got me in life. It’s been three years since Linda died, and I still don’t feel anyone knows me like Linda did. She understood from the inside out. She asked question of me that no one else asked. I guess that’s why our phone conversations would last for hours.

I hope for everyone that you can find a friend like Linda, who really can know you inside and out, who you can bear your soul to. Bearing your soul is a great way to release a lot of anxiety and stress and leads you to the hard questions in life that we need to answer.

Would I survive the wild? Honestly, I don’t think that my body and my mind were made to struggle in that way. I have trouble sleeping in a tent for one night. It’s all way too harsh. I like my sateen sheets and pillow top bed. I love three large pillows surrounding me. I want to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing and the gas heater automatically turning on, if it’s cold. I didn’t grow up roughing it. So, I don’t suppose there is any book on earth that could help me find comfort in a sleeping bag and a canvas tent keeping you from just about none of the elements.

And you can keep the hair of the tiger, because I’d never kill it. It could be staring me in the face, and I feel as if I’d try to tame it like in the “Life of Pi.”

I don’t need to have my belongings stripped from me to understand that I’m blessed beyond measure, every day. I pray I continue to see that every day.



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