The Herald

The dictionary defines herald as a messenger bringing official news. Today I am your herald. I bring you the news that you are officially prosperous, wonderful, made in the image of perfection, and ready to step out on faith today to take the world by storm!

Now, if an official messenger, say CNN, said that the presidency had been officially won by a candidate, you would be apt to believe such news. What keeps your from believing the news that I bring for you personally?

I’ll tell you. We truly don’t believe we deserve the best of everything. We innately feel that there should be struggle to get our good. We should always strive for happiness. Joy is right outside of our reach, but unattainable.

We have not been taught by anyone that what we are and what we have been made of is God. If we have been made in the image and likeness of the Creator, we must be made of some amazingly awesome attributes! We must have power to create good. We must have wisdom. We must have unlimited prosperity. We must be whole and divine.

Have you ever considered that?

If you take your place as a child of the Creator, you take hold of the big “Who” you really are. He or she is someone that is much greater than a person who can barely make his/her rent, car payment, or feed the family. A Son or Daughter of God is unlimited in prosperity.

You may say, “Yes, but I am where I am, and I can’t change things.”

I’m not asking you to change the exterior, right now. I’m asking you to begin to think with unlimited thoughts. Don’t ask for small things or for just enough….

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