The Human Pie Chart

If you had a pie chart reflecting how much time you spent on the three human aspects of life—spirit, mind, and body—what would the percentages look like?

Most people spend about 20% of their time on the body, 60-75% in the mind, and 5-20% on the spirit. A great deal of wavering percentages happens between the mind and spirit.

Most people stay in the 20% range for the body. The needs of the body are paramount. You have to eat, sleep, and get some sort of exercise to survive. So, the amount of time we spend catering to the physical needs doesn’t vary much. However, people do get spurts of energy and toss themselves into the 30-40% range for the body to look and feel better, but usually this doesn’t last too long.

Most humans are mostly in their deductive minds—figuring, assuming, adding, subtracting, arranging schedules, and planning for the next day, month and year. Far too much time is spent in the deductive mind and not enough on the inductive or spiritual mind. Remember we are created in the image of God. God is a creator, continuing to bring into existence something from nothing, moment by moment. The very atoms of our being are in Its likeness. So, why do we spend so much time in the deductive part of the brain? It’s as if humans are trapped, until they get some sort of wake call—be it illness, death or some sort of catastrophic event.

I get it that most people have to make money to have enough to pay their house note and buy food and clothing. But when you spend so much time on the physical and mental and no time on the spiritual, you’d be surprised how the human paradigm becomes more burdensome and monumental. What we think in mind, expressed in the physical.

The spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, or yoga are all ways of balancing your three aspects of existence.

In the perfect balance, you will have a symbiotic relationship with the body and mind. You will innately sense its needs and listen to its call, without worshiping it or indulging on too many things to quiet it. The body, in this sense, is like a small child who wants his/her way all the time. If you don’t use the adult mind to treat the body like a toddler wanting his/her way, then all you will do is give in to his/her ranting and ravings constantly. Eventually, the child or body will become the ruler of the house. The adult will then lose self esteem and power.

The spiritual self, or inductive mind, which is initiated in the frontal cortex of the brain. Your spirit is all around you, in you, and in more than just one state of mind at all times. In quantum physics, all time is collapsed, and time is happening all at once. So, it’s as if the only way to stay in the continuum of time is to stay in the deductive mind. If this true, then we are all in for a large wake up call. We might as well just live our lives as if it was the nightly news.

To avoid this human glitch, we learn spiritual practices that teach us to live in the objective, observer side of the mind. We spend time looking at our world and life from an omniscient perspective, the one which we imagine God has. This is why sometimes it is called the “God Mind.”

When you practice staying in this part of your life for extended periods of time, you find that you spend less time blaming people for your life and your past, because all things have worked together to make you the individual you are now. Your spirit is only housed in this human body. You had no choice in what color you are, what country you were brought up in, how loving your parents were, or how poor you had been throughout your childhood.

All of those things were imposed upon your human existence. So, if you spend time deliberating your human condition and asking the important question, what am I here to do? Then you find that it is much easier to live 30-40% in your spiritual mind.

Give it a try. You will be happier, freer, and less likely to live in anxiety and stress. I guarantee it!

* * *

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