The Law of Impermanence

You have heard it said that the only thing that doesn’t change is change! Nothing tangible is permanent, lasting, or stays the same. Everything in the created world is subject to this law of impermanence, but one thing: Spiritual Law, which doesn’t change.

I can say that spiritual law is immutable because it has been around since the worlds were called into existence—by Its own existence. So, if we need to understand one thing in the world, we should make that one thing the thing itself—spiritual law.

Since I was a tiny child, spirituality always intrigued me. I wondered what God looked like, sounded like, and felt like. I tested human law until it became fallible. Then I compared my humanity with that which doesn’t change, until I came to a place where I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that God had placed into existence something inside of me and inside of every other spirit on earth that allowed access to this undercurrent.

I sensed my oneness with humanity, my oneness with the ocean and the dessert, and my oneness with all things spiritual. All I ever wanted was to know my heavenly parent. I never wanted to be like the prodigal child in the bible. I wanted to be THE child, who knew from the beginning, who the gracious father was in the story. I didn’t want to be lost. So, I secured a spiritual path long before most of my peers.

I began to hitchhike to church at seven, when everyone in my family had lost hope in a higher power. The first spiritual small group I attended, there were only two people under 35—the girl who invited me and I. Cultivating a spiritual path in the midst of people who thought I was a loon for believing in anything that they couldn’t see was difficult, but an even greater task was having no one that even resembled a spiritual template in life. Yet, something inside propelled me forward to awaken that which only Spirit can encourage.

So, understanding law and accepting the impermanence of everything around you is a foreign language to most people. So, don’t take anything you read or feel too seriously. We all are learning the best we can. You’re about to change this instant. Yes, even the way you believe and how you manage your spiritual life consistently changes. You life must enter into impermanence as soon as it becomes a part of the ephemeral world. My belief is that our reality keeps showing us not to trust the tangible, so that we will reach inside for a deeper meaning. That is what I know for you, who are reading this Discovery today.

If you want to invest your time and meditation in anything, let it be focusing in on the mutable, unchangeable spiritual law of the universe.

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