The Observer Mind

Every part of growing spiritually is contingent upon being able to get to the observer mind in meditation. So, if you have never experienced this part of Spiritual Communication and Spiritual Recharging, then I’d highly recommend the following:

I’d like to encourage all of you moving forward on a spiritual path to go to my storefront below and purchase the “INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION” mp3 for the extremely low cost of $3.00 (normally $9.99).  If you can’t afford it, email me at bosebastian5@gmail.com and I will send it to you for free.

This MP3 will lead you through the process of getting quiet to listen to the voice of spirit and your inner voice of power. If you have any problems meditating, you can use this mp3 every day as a tool to help you get to the place of the Observer Mind. In the listening of the instructions, you can memorize the process and move forward toward getting meditative music to simply get quiet and go to the subconscious mind yourself.

I generally never ask for any money on this site.  I don’t want to suppress spiritual growth by adding financial stress. However, the reality of cost for this process has become exponentially larger, as I reach out my arms to help more and more people. At this time, the site is reaching 40,000 readers a month. I am working on an interactive site that will help you to grow every day with a spiritual challenge.

I am not a website designer, so I do have to hire a professional to make this happen. You can be assured that all money for anything you spend in the web store site will be going directly to the $8500 I will need for the interactive website. Your support will help keep your daily spiritual messages coming without a glitch.

As a gift to my subscribers, I have made all purchases below ONLY $3.00. Prior to today, to buy something in my storefront, you had to go through many steps to get to Paypal. Now purchasing a Hypnosis MP3 or a Meditation Music, or a Kindle-formatted book is as easy as clicking on a button in the Shopping Cart that says Credit Card.

You simply pay, and within 24-hours, you get an e-mail with a link to your download.

I have items that can really help you in your spiritual growth:
• Introduction to Meditation
• Smoke Cessation mp3
• Weight Loss mp3
• Hypnotic Lap Band surgery Mp3
• Insomnia mp3
• Eternal Om mp3
• Meditation Music mp3
• Guide to Meditation mp3
• Healing the Body mp3
• And my “Lessons from the Heart” book ready for your download purchase.
Go to Storefront: www.shop.bosebastian.com

Go to Home Page: www.BoSebastian.com

I truly appreciate your support and your finances moving forward to the new interactive spiritual website. Of course, if you want private Coaching or Hypnotherapy, you can call me at 615-445-8861.

Very Sincerely,


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