The Part of Me I Didn’t Want to Face

The Part of Me I didn’t Want to Face

Has become the part of me that gives me strength.

When someone comes to me with an issue; cigarette smoking, anxiety, stress, marital problems, weight issues, studying issues, nail biting, there is always something hiding behind the problem. The part that someone doesn’t want to face is the part that hides behind the habit.

So, the first session of hypnotherapy is ridding yourself of the habit. But the second session is being brave enough to face what you have been literally creating–a smoke screen for what’s underneath.

Think about what your hardest issues are in life. Try to remember what caused you to start you to move toward leaning on that habit. Then you’ll discover why you are so addicted to your anxiety, stress or habit.

There is hope, you know. Everyday is a new day. We can begin a new; fresh with God‘s help.

There is strength deep within waiting to be unleashed. I’m knowing that for you today.


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