The Peace That Is Meant to Be

When someone follows the path to peace in him/herself, the vibration of peace goes before, stays with, and follows that person throughout the day. Everyone can feel the difference when a truly peaceful person enters a room. Conversely, we can equally feel the presence of a negative vibration in someone.

Today, I had the two extremes hit me in the face. One negative person impacted an entire room of people, so much so, that each person in the room shared with me his/her negative emotions and experience. On the other hand, I had also been in the ambient space around a very peaceful person. Which do you think was more powerful?

I would like to say that I was moved to stay in the presence of the peaceful person. But, honestly, I actually let myself be coerced into a negative place with the rest of the people judging the not so positive person. I wish that hadn’t been the case. However, learning a spiritual lesson is second best to making a great choice for my mind and body.

I take this opportunity to share with you my response because I know that, had I rejected the negativity around me, I may have been more apt to see the good in the person who appeared to bring the bad vibe into the room. As it stood, I played both sides of the room. I helped him get comfortable enough to be pleasant and, also, I stood in agreement with the people in judgment, which just fragmented my soul.

We all have our inner irritants, I’m sure. I know I have mine. But, I’d like to think that I could rise above the negativity to assure a better, more peaceful outlook on life and not to be robbed of my own inner peace in the process. Ultimately, that’s what happened. I started out peaceful. By the end of the hour, I had jumped back and forth from peace to pain in the process, leaving me worn out in the end.

Let’s choose peace today, for ourselves and for all those around us, by stopping our judgment of others.

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