The Perfect Storm

Newscasters have been talking a great deal about how a huge storm emerges, on the heals of some catastrophic hurricanes and tornados around the globe. Just the right wind, the correct heat, and the perfect current all come together to make massive destruction.

I remember a time in the 70s when I worked at an amusement park as a singer/dancer in a show called “America Sings.” The park had some of the largest roller coasters in America. The company who owned the park had a line-cutting policy. If you were caught, you got ousted from the park.

One hot summer day, a commotion arose from the cue line entering the largest roller coaster. Someone had cut in line. So, the man who stopped and started the ride left his post to settle the incident. He figured the worst that could happen was that the roller coaster wouldn’t stop and simply take another turn around the rickety wooden tracks.

What he didn’t realize—and what no one else suspected—was that the car right before had gotten stuck at the bottom of the first large hill. So, when the amusement park worker didn’t make it back to his post in time to stop the incoming car, the next car crashed into the first car at the bottom of the hill. People were hurt and killed. The situation created the perfect storm.

When I look back at that incident, it was as if everything had come together to make the crash happen. The likelihood of that incident occurring was one in a million, I’m sure. In fact, I’d heard that a car stopping at the bottom of the hill had only happened one other time in the history of that roller coaster, which was 50 years old. So, what do we make of that as spiritual believers of a God who is supposed to be supporting us and keeping us secure?

For me, I immediately feel the exact opposite of secure. I think that the intent of the universe is something terrible happens to me the next time. I can imagine that, in this particular situation, most people would have felt the same.

As a child, on the first day of eighth grade, our bus driver had taken a few drinks before he came to pick us up at school. To get to my home in West Mayfield, Pennsylvania, the driver had to go down a ½-mile, steep hill, stop in the middle of the hill and drop off the children at the local fire station. My sister Lori and I were both on the bus when the driver didn’t stop at the first drop-off at the top of the hill, where the kids from the project lived. All the children began to bark mean remarks at the bus driver, assuming he was new and didn’t know the protocol.

Then, almost instantaneously, a huge hush swept over the bus. We all saw the look of terror in the driver’s eyes through the rearview mirror. The brakes had failed. He began to take us on an 80-mile-an-hour ride down the mile-long 37th Street hill, landing in an above-ground swimming pool.

I literally saw my life pass before my eyes. I remember thinking I would be dead in a moment. What, if anything, did I need to confess to God. Then, I recalled praying fervently that we would land safely. I had no idea what happened with the rest of the children on the bus as I had gone off in a dream. I don’t even recall if someone had sat beside me. All I remember was the crash into the pool and the bus taking a nosedive into the water.

We had no air conditioning, so the first thing I thought to do was climb out of the open window and jump to safety. I believe an adult I didn’t know caught me when I leaped. Then I immediately began yelling for my sister. Was she alive? Was anyone else alive?

Slowly, the children were ushered off of the bus one by one. Some were taken to the hospital, some left alone crying for their parents, others finding someone to hold. My sister found her way to safety too. I held her tightly for a long time, until Mrs. Wickline found us and drove us home.

As a result of that wreck, I ended up having back and neck problems that would continue for the rest of my life. Others had night terrors and could never ride in a bus again. Some probably have PTSD to this day.

The Perfect Storm in your life is not when Warm meets Cold; it is the moment that you realize life is ephemeral. This perfect storm caused me to understand how impending death could be, but also how I am a spirit living in a body—a fragile, temporary home for something auspiciously eternal. In the years after this, I have had a few more near-death experiences. Each time, I come to realize that we must all have a couple angels taking care of us.


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