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When I’m having a bad day, my mind reels with garbage thoughts from my past or the possibility of my life failing in some way. In other words, my thoughts take me to and keep me in a dark place, until I wake up to the present moment. I realize in that moment that the only person keeping me in hell—is me. Then, I begin the process I’m going to describe below that reaches down into my anxiety and carries me to a safe and secure place.

Some time ago, in a meditation, I heard these words: “You are the only one controlling the thoughts that keep you from believing that you hold the keys to all possibility, prosperity, and peace. Why do you keep arguing with the truth that will set you free? You are the one that holds you captive to your old way of thinking!”

Just as in the Christian theology, Hinduism also has a trinity, which seems to explain the problem of the human mind. In the Hindi trinity Brahma is Creator God, Vishnu is the preserver of all living things, and Shiva is the destroyer. Without going into all of the technical details of the Hindu religion, their triune Godhead brought some vast understanding of the possibilities of my own mind. I realized in that moment that the only part of my mind I had been feeding, in times of anxiety, is the Shiva destroyer. In this paradigm of thinking, our minds have the capacity to create, preserve, and destroy. We must learn to preserve our good and destroy only the negative thoughts. So, this brings me to our spiritual exercise of the day.

In times of circular mental activity pushing toward the negative, the first action we must do is separate ourselves (or become an observer) of the negative thinking. You may think this is a hard chore, but here are a few ways to step out of your mind for a moment, long enough to gain some control:

All it takes is 3 Minutes to change your mind!

  1. Take a slow inhale to the count of five or six. Then, exhale with that same count, but do it with exertion, pushing down toward your belly to release every bit of the air in your body and lungs. Do this for three minutes.
  2. If you are in a place where you can close your eyes, you can move your eye balls from left to right, as if they are small erasers, clearing away all the negative thoughts.
  3. You can tap different parts of your body—your forehead, under and above your eye, above your lip, below your chin, your heart, the space between your forefinger and thumb, and then circle your eyes all the way clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Do this for three minutes. (If you would like to know more about this technique, do a Google search for EFT.)

Once you have successfully moved from inside the mind chatter to outside, as an observer, you can begin to alter the thoughts of your mind by repeating anything that you absolutely know as truth for you. Here are some examples:

  • I know that I am one with God, and God cannot reject God.
  • All living beings exist in the vast, prosperous land of Spirit. I am rich in God’s glory.
  • If God can take care of the smallest bird, Spirit also is taking care of me now.
  • All things work together for the Good in this World. I know this because… (bring to mind something wonderful that happened to you as a result of a bad situation).

Ridding yourself of negative thought takes practice. When you are not moving toward a negative spiral, practice all of the above and memorize some powerful affirmations, so that you will be ready with the artillery that you need in times of the great fight of the mind.

Remember, the destroyer always exists within your brain. But, also, the creator and the preserver together will overpower the part of the mind that seeks to destroy something other than the past. Affirmations help you out of hellish thoughts and into the calming thoughts of truth, which always exists.

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