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As I passed forty years old, I suddenly became an avid gardener, when in the past I had no desire to dig in the dirt at all. Perhaps, this was Spirit’s way of teaching me the concept of creation through metaphor.

Every year, in the late spring and early summer, I would get up early, just as the sun rose, and begin to take pictures of all the new blossoms in my garden. Sometimes, I would catch a flower blooming, which expressed amazing pictures of creation. Like poetry in action, for a plant to blossom, Science News Magazine (3-22-11) reported that:

Harvard physicists have described for the first time how flowers generate the forces needed to curl open come springtime. In the lily this poetic blossoming is driven by skewed growth at the edges of petals. Over the period of four and a half days, the lily’s young buds slowly suck up water, growing until they’re ready to explode. The petals and sepals—the outer, greener portion of a flower—gradually invert, then peel open like a banana and form a blossom.

The article goes on to say that in the outer parts of the petal there is growth, but in the inner parts of the flower, no growth power occurs. So, as this imbalance of power happens, it forces the bloom to open. Consequently, the curling of the flower edges also face the sun.

Recently, I picked a few bird of paradise stems, three of which had not bloomed yet. I assumed, like most flowers, that the stems would bloom in the vase after being cut. However, the blooms never opened. The explanation above helped me understand that I must have cut them before the edges of the petals had enough power to suck up the water and force itself open. Ever since then, Spirit has been working in me to explain—by metaphor—why some dreams don’t blossom and others do.

If you uproot a bloom before it has had time to generate enough power, it will never blossom. Thus, dreams are the same way. For a dream to have the power to manifest, it must have time, also, to gestate. Gestation is the time, in Spirit, that we meditate and nurture the dream’s growth with creative thought, faith, and our passion. Gestation is the pregnancy or the developmental stage of growth.

Too often our anxiousness for our future to manifest will cause us to act too quickly, giving birth to premature dreams. When this happens, dreams fail or fall short of the explosion of power they need to make their intended impact in your life and in the lives of others.

My friend Carol and I have been organically working on creating a review together called, “Broadway Tonight.” Our goal, at the beginning stages, was to make sure that everything that manifested as we nurtured our dream would come from a very organic place of contemplation, natural growth, and—of course—action.

We started our process in January of this past year and in almost nine months (the time for a baby to form), we are going to perform our show for the first time. In every way, I have watched how the metaphor of creation works as intended when you sow a seed in the fertile soil of Divine Mind; let Spirit grow this seed in due time; and tend to the dream with action, only resulting from—again—contemplation.

For dreams to occur, for flowers to bloom, for the energy of Spirit to manifest as something amazing in our lives, we have to be careful not to disturb the power of the Law. When the Law is set in motion with our dreams and passion, then we must also trust that the Law already knows how to manifest and give shape to that dream, perfectly.


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