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Writer, Terry Hershey, coined the phrase “The Power of Pause” in his book by the same title. His concept explores more about the benefits of slowing down, sitting still, letting our souls catch up with our bodies, and ultimately doing less and living more. In this past-paced world we stimulate our movement forward, when a cautious step back to wait for God is exactly what we need to be more powerful, more respectful, and gather the needed energy to make our steps forthright and sturdy.

Recently, I had planted a seed in the subjective mind about my career. Everyday, I would commit my mind to knowing, now, that the right and perfect agent would appear for my new book and that a magnificent and right publisher offers me a large sum of money for this book’s rights. I know that “I plant the seed. And God grows the tree.”

But, instead of believing this concept and to pause for the inevitable time Spirit needs to grow anything, I sent ten letters out to agents without much thought. (We can look at the metaphor of growing a physical tree in our backyard. The seed takes time and watering to grow and manifest fruit. So, also does a seed thought.)

Sending out hundred of letters to attain an agent was part of my old story. Keep throwing out handfuls of seeds and eventually one will stick was my attitude. However, I don’t believe that Spirit is about using those old tools anymore. What I need to do is step back and wait for guidance. When I wait in the silence, I let my seed thoughts and dreams be nurtured by my careful thoughts and positive prayers. I automatically attract the energy that I need to move forward with everything I pray. Until I see the manifestation of my prayers, I continue to affirm my belief, always.

Repeating an affirmation cleanses your mind with truth. Affirmations are for you, not for God. They take old thought and convert it into God Consciousness, which is always on your side, working for you in every way.

What ultimately happened with my book is that I attracted a friend at church who was a lawyer. He always wanted to be an agent. In fact, he did his residency at a large agency in New York. He agreed to work with me on the book, which gave me a great deal of latitude to be in the process of shopping my book instead of waiting for it.


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