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We all have spent many hours reliving and recapitulating the past, coupled with hopelessness and regret. The past never changes. No matter how many times we go back to revisit it, we still find the same skeletons hanging there, speaking into the hollowness of the hallways of our brains. So, how can we use the power of our mind to change the desire to revisit this negative past?

The truth is in our creative abilities. We can only release the past by building a present and a future that holds our attention captive with hope and joy. Here is a very pertinent example in my own life that will act as a metaphor for this change:

Last night I opened my computer and noticed that the Trash wouldn’t work. For some strange reason the trash can, which usually resembles a gray garbage can was just a white object that had no details. I tried to throw away a document, but it just bounced back to my desktop.

I decided to Google the problem and see if there was an easy fix. The Apple Forum said to run a general software cleaning program and see if the problem would be resolved. I ran the program and nothing changed. The next step was to create a new user and see if the problem still existed as a new user.

This was where the process became interesting. When I created a new Bo—a Bo 2.0—everything changed. My desktop was sparkling, clear, had no new documents on the desktop and looked as if I had a new computer. The program software was all there, but there was nothing in the trash and nothing in my temporary storage. I was completely wiped clean of the past, the present, and was completely free to create any new future I desired.

I went to the cloud and copied to my new desktop only the documents that I was working on NOW, would work on in the very near future, and documents I used daily. The rest of the clutter I left on the Cloud and in the old user’s desktop. Now, when I open up my Bo 2.0 User, I have a brand new identity with only the parts of my past that serve me.

I’m sure you can see the pertinence of this story. But, one very important aspect of this metaphor needs some extra light. The entire process started by my Trash not working. What could this mean metaphorically about my own ability to process and throw away trash (the past)?

I believe the reason all of this happened with my computer, and everything happens in our lives is because—to the person who is awake to the stories life tells us every moment—there is always a great metaphor to help us through our problems and issues.

I realized that I was having trouble really letting go of the past. I had thought I had emptied the trash many times, but there was still residual problems left there, This was likened to the forensic investigator able to retrieve the shadows of the past from any computer. I had to find a way to cleanse the past completely.

This new idea about starting with a fresh identity has helped me today to quit dragging old thoughts and ideas into my present situation. I must stop seeing the present through the lens of the past. The lens of the past only makes my life harder to visualize in a peaceful and harmonious place. Today, everything is new.

I hope this helps you today.

I attribute the majority of this success to my commitment to using the theories of Creative Mind that culminates in learning to pray effectively, using your words creatively, and being thankful for all that you already have. I have outlined this intricately in my new book, Your New Story, Your New Life, coming out in 2-3 weeks, worldwide from Hope & Plum Book Publishing.

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Love to all of you and thank you for all of your support in advance. xox Bo

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