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I have had the pleasure of helping a friend, Dr. Chris Michaels, with his 4-week series on forgiveness. Dr. Michaels is the author of a wonderful book, The Power of You. In the last session of the four weeks on forgiveness, Michaels talked of the evolvement of the earth and its reciprocal force on the humans inhabiting it.

We understand, metaphorically, what humans go through when we reach into the pocket of society and race consciousness. Existing in every human on earth is a part of the whole, right now, growing and expanding beyond our old beliefs, moving towards our greatest creativity, restless in our pain, hating our old lives, and having an overwhelming feeling of sadness and despair. We are gestating in our own sadness, as we metamorphosize into beings that are ultimately more powerful. All of us who have awakened to Spirit’s movement on earth have a part of our soul that experience these feelings. We own them because the earth and its population cry for help and need a new way of thinking for these times in our greatest duress.

Dr. Michaels shared that 25% of women from 40-60 years old are on mind-altering drugs. Another fact: Americans make up only 5% of the world’s population; yet, we use 80% of the world’s painkillers. Whatever we, as a whole, are going through, we are going through together. Some are anesthetizing their pain. Some are welcoming it and asking the great question: How do I find the answers to make my life more joyful and powerful?

Dr. Michaels suggests these four points to help all of us move through these uncomfortable feelings:

  1. Accept yourself, gaining full command of your talents;
  2. Silence the voice of the inner critic;
  3. Gain Self-Command; and
  4. Find your soul fearless and deeply routed in its purpose.

Learning to love and accept your Self is a wild ride. Taming the inner critic takes a lifetime of poise and self-analysis. However, we know that God does not want us to live in pain. In fact, God wants us to be joyful, living in bliss every moment of every day.

When you find this place of mental rest and joy, you will realize, then, and only then, that your authentic self is able to release into your humanness and into the world all of your greatest talents and attributes—giving way to your wonderful gifts to humanity: compassion, love, an your important contributions.

 Beautiful Bird

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What would you feel like if everyday you loved yourself a little more…

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