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Every morning, after my meditation and a long walk with my dog, which includes a prayer about what I positively know in my life—I read something spiritual or uplifting. For about ten months, now, I have been reading my lessons in two languages, English and Spanish. Since I am learning Spanish, I would read the sentence in English, first, then read it in Spanish, next. Then, eventually, I would read an entire paragraph in English, then read it again in Spanish.

Today, I noticed that I have been reading the Spanish, first, and sometimes ignoring the English all together. It seemed that, in a flash, I have begun to actually digest another language.

Suddenly, I was amazed at the power of the human will. My desire began as a seed, just a bucket list item—LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. Now, after Rosetta Stone, hiring a teacher from Colombia, and hanging out with some Spanish friends, I am actually communicating in another language.

I know I have a long way to go and much to learn, but here is my point: Just ten months ago, I decided I wanted to learn Spanish. It was very difficult, at first. I struggled a lot. Even when I was sure I knew phrases and ways to communicate the simplest of conversations, I would freeze up and forget while I spoke to the many Latin people around me in Southern Florida. But, with the encouragement of my Colombian teacher, I kept trying.

He would say to me, “Remember, you have to become like a baby, willing to make mistakes without judging yourself. People will correct you and encourage along the way! Just keep trying.”

This, indeed, was the case. I even went as far as going on a weekend trip with a Venezuelan friend who spoke about 50 words of English. That was the most amazing learning experience. There was no time to be afraid, when it became my responsibility, to not only understand, but also to communicate to him words he did not understand in English, using my minimal knowledge of Spanish.

I literally blinked my eyes and have watched my human mind grasp something that almost seemed impossible about ten months ago. What a great lesson for anyone to learn: with mere willpower, you can overcome any obstacle and learn what you never thought you could learn.

  • Start with a desire;
  • Plant the seed, next; then
  • Take steps forward to see that your desire is real;
  • Be diligent about your desire;
  • Make a plan for yourself that includes your desire. (For instance, for me it might be a trip to Colombia); and
  • Finally, trust the power that creates from the rich soil of the earth is the Same Power that will grow your seed thoughts into reality.

And so it is!


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