The Prosperity of Autumn (A “Mental Equivalent”)

One of my favorite authors of metaphysical books is Emmet Fox. He wrote a book about 80-100 years ago called “Mental Equivalents.” This book describes in detail exactly what Ernest Holmes in “The Science of Mind” means by mental equivalents in prayer.

In the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes speaks of using your mind as a sort of artist’s palate.  As you create in Spirit, you need the power of your creative mind to shape and form unused energy in what is known as the Subjective Mind. Fox suggests that you find specific thoughts that coordinate with what you decide you want in your life. These thoughts must be:

  • definable
  • bring back a positive memory
  • must use your 5 senses, and
  • create a colorful and elaborate picture in your mind of an event.

As you combat a negative thought, perhaps, the negative thought is: “I’m not good enough,”an example of using a Mental Equivalent would be:

You would say an affirmation to yourself, such as:

“I am made from the Mind of God. I am made of the best possible material in the Universe.”

As you speak these words, you might think of a time in your life when you were absolutely fabulous. You couldn’t have done better. Resurrect that thought as you say your affirmation. Hold that thought for awhile. This is the Mental Equivalent.

If you don’t have a clear thought of yourself doing something wonderful, then think of some other thing that is indisputably amazing that Spirit has created from the One Mind. Notice the perfection of a wave in the ocean. See the crest of that wave arc upwards to a white foam. An amazing surfer can be riding that wave, as you are also riding the wave of this current thought.

Generally, the idea that Ernest Holmes and Emmett Fox suggests is that the brain works better and more powerfully when we send a burst of positive energy in thought as we sow the seeds of our future in the Subjective Mind. 

To learn more about this process, you can search for the following words in my blog and also purchase my book: Your New Story, Your New Life: The Metaphysical Mind,  which describes in detail the process of creating in Spirit.

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