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As anyone gets older, the one secret we learn most often is that life passes by very quickly. If we don’t take hold of life, we lose the moment, and, perhaps, the chance to make a difference, to find love, and to pursue our heart’s desire. Even so, we sometimes wait until friends die, relationships dissolve, and we lose jobs to let the lesson of time evaporating before our eyes sink into the fabric of our being.

When we learn the lesson and decide to begin to take chances, release our fears, and move forward with strength, suddenly, life begins in a new and splendid way. I like to think of this moment in time as “The Performance of a Lifetime.” You have read the script. You know the intentions. You have practiced, fallen, had miscues, and even exited when you were to be entering. But, today, is opening night. You are ready to walk onto the stage of your life and be completely present. This moment you begin the amazing story you have prepared for your entire life.

Here are a few keys to help you as you step onto the stage of life:

  • Know that the stage is completely yours. You own the room!
  • Communicate your comfort level to all of those in your life. Remember you are here to be felt and heard.
  • Remember what you have rehearsed, and use the lines you have learned from overcoming all of the years of pain and anguish to make new and better choices.
  • Know that people want you to succeed. When you do well, everyone around you prospers, too, simply from your positive energy.
  • Prepare your steps with alternatives. Always know that the end result is not your concern. Walking on the pathway to get to your resolve is the best you can do.
  • Mostly, and get this one in the deepest part of your heart—count on the fact that you are brilliant in every way! The light of your brilliance shines because you are a conduit of perfect, loving, compassionate Spirit.

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