The Race Is On

The Race Is On

The Race Is on…

Get ready.

Get set.


Your adrenals are firing adrenaline into your body. The fight or flight mode has kicked in. You are ready to thrust off of the starting block with all your might.

But where are you running to? What is your goal? Do you even know with what means you’ll get there?

A good builder starts with a plan. Once the plan is in place, then he or she draws a model, works out expenses, and decides where and when to build–Or if it is even feasible to build. Do you have a plan?

I’m a dreamer. I spend a great majority of my off time and time before I sleep fantasizing about the future. I imagine big–grande even. I always see myself with way more than I have. I see myself building additions on my house, a swimming pool in the back yard, getting my dream Lexus convertible. I spend more time dreaming then planning, I have to admit.

I don’t have the exact plans for much of what I do. I never have. But I do have a plan for my life daily and possibly weekly. I leave the rest up to Spirit’s leading. Sometime the best laid plans are laid waste by something that happens that isn’t our will.

When it was the day of my last book launch, Nashville had its big flood. I planned for 6 months for the launch. There was nothing I could do about that. My plans were awash with the flood. It took an entire year for God to remake the plans for the book’s arrival on the scene and get it on the bestseller’s list. Trust me, it wasn’t me who did it. But I did dream of it, many times. I did little to make what happen, happen.

Life is a balance of dreaming and planning. We can plan for the best and get knocked on our head. We can dream big and see little hope for quite some time. But one thing is for sure. A good plan, a good dream and a time to act is needed for anything you choose to do. And if you’re a spiritual person, it doesn’t hurt to have an angel or two helping you along the path too.

One thing is for sure, don’t run a race without a plan. Always include in your plan a moment before to ask for guidance. It might be the difference between running in the snow or running in the sun.


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