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My theme for a short while is going to be how “Love rules through Law.” Today, I want to help you understand the mechanics of how we use our personal mind to discover new ideas and make them our own. This is the reaction of the Mechanical (without the use of our mind) to the Volitional (using our mind).

To understand any mystery we must first perceive it as a physical or mental truth. Once we discovery anything new or different in the world, we can then use our will (or volition) to invite our minds to comprehend it. Of course, many levels of comprehension exist. We don’t have to be a doctor of medicine to know how an antibiotic works.

This second part is the volitional process of understanding any concept. With our brain and mind, we can observe and then comprehend anything new and unusual in the world. But, specifically, in terms of spiritual concepts or Laws in the universe, we FIRST must notice them—see them—experience them—to realize that they, indeed, have existence. Then, once we determine their reality, we can invite our volitional process to begin the internal search of how this Law works on our own behalf.

This is how your own mind takes and perceives a Universal Law and then uses the Truth found in the Law for your own personal use.

Let’s take, for instance, the Law of Vacuum Technology. Where there is a vacuum, for instance, a bag of coffee that has had the air removed, we initially perceive the internal contents of that bag to be hard, like a piece of wood. You can take this bag of coffee and tap it on the countertop. It sounds as if you are using a mallet. Then, simply open the top of the bag of coffee and introduce AIR to the contents, and what do you get? A bag of soft coffee. Tap that soft bag of coffee on the counter, and you’ll have a completely different sound.

So, a law existed here about Vacuum Technology that you may or may not have ever seen before. In the bag of coffee, before it was opened, it had been vacuumed sealed, which means all of the air or space had been removed, causing the contents to be denser and APPEAR to be smaller in size; when, in fact, the coffee remained the same.

When you opened the seal of the coffee bag, air automatically entered the internal space of the bag and increased the volume of the matter inside—the coffee. If you didn’t know what “vacuum sealed” was, this seemingly solid bag of coffee turning soft within moments would be like a miracle or a trick of some sort. It takes the human mind to perceive space expanding, first. Then, through intrigue and the desire to comprehend the law of vacuum technology, we can volitionally use our minds to make this law our own. The same concept happens with Spiritual Law.

You don’t need to know the intricacies of the law of Volumetric Flow or Gas Density to see the change in the coffee. However, if should you decide to understand this process and use it for yourself, you may need to begin to study Kinetic Gas Theory to help you understand the process more fully, so that you can use this concept for your own benefit. I believe, this is where most people STOP their spiritual growth.

Once you realize you have to understand something to use it, we often make the choice to let others who have dedicated their lives to studying the law do our work for us. Alas, we use practitioners to pray for us, ministers to teach us, and doctors of spirituality to share the deeper meanings of truth. But, when we let go of our own mind and use the minds of others to pray and, more importantly, to understand and embrace spiritual law, we miss out on the very important process of Volition. To use a law, we can’t just perceive it, we must begin to understand how it works as well.

So, today, I would love for you to let go of the idea that the Law of Spirituality is too difficult to understand. I’m going to make it very simple with examples and easy ways to use these laws in your life. But, you have to make a choice to let me help you. More importantly, open your mind to something new.

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