The Right to Live #BrittanyMaynard

Brittany Maynard’s story about the right to die with dignity is a glimpse into the future of humans who take their rights as spiritual children more seriously. If you have been following Brittany’s story, she had a terrible brain tumor that left her with four months of inching toward a painful death.

She and her family moved to Oregon, where there is a “right to die with dignity” law, which she chose to take, using a lethal dose of drugs on November 1st. What moxie and love she had for her Self to trust that she wanted to die, while she still could make viable choices for herself and feel her family’s love in a palpable way.


I love this story because it is a metaphor for all of our daily choices—the right to die and the right to live! I’m so glad Brittany has made the news, because now people must face their own stories about life and death. I believe that her choice bespeaks the will of many others who will follow her, not only about her choice to die with dignity, but our own personal rights and choices that no one has the right to infringe upon. We all can name a few… sexual preferences, any kind of drug that could help or hinder a life, abortion, and, of course, the right to die with dignity.

My opinion about all of the above is moot in the face of someone making a strong choice for him/herself. Why should anyone stand in the way of someone who protects herself from having to endure terrible pain for months? What law can we impose, next, upon people that can take the most pertinent of decisions away from the very person it affects the most?

Come on, humanity! Rise up and begin to recognize strong self-choices as a power that God gives EVERYONE. I would never seek to tell someone who comes to me for coaching that his or her choice about love, death, or a course of treatment is wrong. I may suggest, if someone asks for my opinion, other alternatives. But I would never impose even a prayer on someone without asking permission. To do so is like using witchcraft or wishcraft. It’s the worst form of narcissism, because it’s wrapped in a beautiful package with every great intention and has the seal of religious approval.

When you pray for someone to be healed who doesn’t want to live, you go against the very fabric of God’s immutable law of choice. The Law doesn’t state that “whatever we ask for ‘about another people’ will be given to us.” No, the Law of Principle is firm about each individual having his/her own personal right to think negative or positive thoughts. Even God or Spirit doesn’t impose Good on any individual. So, why are we, as a society, voting to protect life that is not even ours to protect?

Today, think about the many ways we may impose our will on society just because “we” think something is wrong about the behavior—either spiritually or morally. Then, think about what life would be like for you, personally, if someone monitored every thought you had. What if you were straight and someone forced you to be gay, or visa versa? This enactment of superficial laws against human rights is pure narcissism. We all need to step back from the insanity of it.

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