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Even in our worst days of confusion, even when we compartmentalize our feelings in the deepest places of our heart, even when we go on vacation from life and thinking; somewhere in the depth of our understanding, we always search for the meaning of life. Within that meaning holds the ultimate question: What or Who is God?

Even people who are avowed Atheists have thought about this question; otherwise, they could not have come to a realization that God does not exist. So, let us just say that almost everyone is born with a homing device within that searches for this ultimate question.

As children, we have no shape or form to our thoughts about God until someone steps in and forms one for us. So, what of children who are left with religion and develop their own sense of truth without family or society painting us a clear picture of God?

A study conducted by the University of Chicago has found that children raised in non-religious households are kinder and more altruistic than those raised with religion. The study that was published in the journal Current Biology looked at 1170 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years in six countries (Canada, China, Jordan, Turkey, USA, and South Africa) and examined “the religiousness of their household, and parent-reported child empathy and sensitivity to justice.” The study found that “family religious identification decreases children’s altruistic (unselfish) behaviors” and “children from religious households are harsher in their punitive tendencies.” In other words, children raised in the absence of religion are more giving and generous, as the study states:

Across all countries, parents in religious households reported that their children expressed more empathy and sensitivity for justice in everyday life than nonreligious parents. However, religiousness was inversely predictive of children’s altruism and positively correlated with their punitive tendencies…

Our findings contradict the commonsense and popular assumption that children from religious households are more altruistic and kind toward others. In our study, kids from atheist and non-religious families were, in fact, more generous,” said Prof. Jean Decety who led the study. (Patheos.com, 2015)

This study does not challenge my belief in God. It challenges my belief in religion. I have come to see a great chasm between true Spirituality and Religion. Those of us who consider ourselves “spiritual” are moving farther and farther away from those who say they are religious, who tend to be moving closer to the Right-Winged beliefs of a Moral and Judgmental God with punitive attributes.

I remember the first time I said to myself, “I don’t want to believe in a God like that of these religious fanatics!” I sat waiting for a moment in the silence, wondering if I would get hit by lightning. Well, I am still here to write this Blog, so I must have found a sense of God that won’t strike me down for considering a believe other than what religion has taught me.

I’m not sure any of us will find God or will be able to define God, because by the definition: God is all things, everywhere. So, to define Spirit as good or bad, beautiful or ugly, fat or skinny, we would be completely remiss. We may, however, begin by examining our own self to view a reflection of God that may tell us more about Spirit than we have ever considered.


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