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Today’s lesson is about how to train your mind to THINK WITH POWER. First, you must understand that power exists in the mind. Proof of this very principle is in people we know who appear to have the power to manifest just about anything in their lives.

To the unwise eye, it would seem that these people are just lucky. But, to the man or woman who has eyes to see truth, we realize that these individuals have learned to use the power of their minds to manifest much good in their lives. Or, maybe, these individuals were given early opportunities to manifest with their minds, so they don’t doubt that they have the power to create empires with their ideas.

This same power in Mind is what we seek to understand, then to train ourselves to have and use!

We watch these motivational speakers with derision, sometimes, the most famous being Tony Robbins. He tells us that we, too, can create power and businesses and prosperity simply by believing in ourselves. We try it. And, then, we see no manifestation. Quickly, we give up; call him a charlatan, and continue to believe that we are simply unlucky individuals, never to have any good in life.

But the truth is that Divine Energy (that energy that is unshaped and formed) exists for ALL OF US and is waiting for EACH PERSON to make the mold for this energy to be pour into, like hot molten iron into ingots. The pig iron is like Divine Energy. The mold is your mind and the belief that you can create good in your life.

If you hold still long enough, this Divine Energy, which is for anyone to use, will fill your mold. If you come to this energy with a thimble, you will get a thimble’s worth of energy. If you come to it with a bathtub, you’ll get a larger amount of energy. This Divine Principle is simply for you to believe and trust that you have the power to shape unused energy into finite substance.

The Divine Principle behind this is Jesus’s teaching: “Ask and it shall be given unto you; knock and the door will be opened.” But you see, most of us sit in the bathtub of our belief, fill it with negativity, hoping for the energy of Good to fill it, when we have already filled our mold with our disparaging thoughts.

We must get out of the tub, to make room for Divine Energy to fill this Mold. And begin believing until we see the evidence appear. If you haven’t seen the evidence of your Mind Treatment, then you haven’t waited long enough.

You can’t plant a tomato seed and dig it up every morning, hoping to find tomatoes on the vine. You sow the seed (the thought) into the ground (your mind, the creative space that exists in each of our minds); then, the hard part, Divine Energy does its work.

That is to say, this creative energy, defining the mold, and believing in your truth are all examples of ACTIVE ENERGY.

We don’t sit in the tub hoping for blessings. We pray, knowing the truth, everyday.

  • We tend to the plant;
  • We water it with our good thoughts;
  • We wait unit roots unfold and the shoots of our thoughts appear above ground.

Even then, we must continue to care for the tender plant until it grows to full fruition; otherwise we will see no fruit.

You must activate Divine Energy for it to work in your favor. Plant the seed. Tend to the seed as it grows. And, eventually, it will bear fruit. It is that simple. It is the Law!

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