The Silver Thread

In spirituality, the silver thread or cord in metaphysical terms is also known as the antahkarana, referring to the life-giving consciousness thread, passing from the soul or astral body down to the physical body.

If you have ever had an out-of-body experience, when you dream and feel as if you have been liberated from the physical body, you may have experienced this silver thread. Most spiritual seekers believe that a silver thread exists to pull the spirit back to the body after such experiences.

From my personal experience with out-of-body dreams or revelations, if that cord didn’t exist, I would have never come back to the physical body. Being released from the heavy confines of the physical, human body is one of the biggest blessings I have ever felt. I long for the time when my next out-of-body experience happens. In my meditations, though I don’t pray that it happens, I wish greatly that the feeling of emptiness, freedom, and peace would accompany each time I have a meditation.

When I first began to meditate in the 1980s, I remember having many wild experiences, almost as if drug induced. Angels would visit me. Jesus would come into my room as if walking through the wall. God the Father would appear seated on a thrown with angels on each side. One time a beast with a quarter head of an ox, ¼ man, ¼ lion, and ¼ ram appeared to me. He had one wing. I asked him where the other was. He told me that I had the other.

Trust me, no drug induced these experiences. I was a minister, then, and never even drank. But when I would fast and pray, my mind would create supernatural experiences that would make anyone sit up and shout, “I believe!”

At this point in my spiritual walk, I don’t shoot for the moon in meditation. I simply pray that my soul rests and refurbishes for the next day of living on a spiritual path, connected to Unlimited God and Spirit.

After about a year of supernatural events, my meditations began to get quiet and sublime. I felt as if God had abandoned me, then, because I no longer had these wonderful moments of blissful connection combined with supernatural events. But, I realized in my prayers that God had prepared me for a life of consistent belief by giving me those memorable moments. I then needed to be an adult spiritually and live in the understanding that God moves how God chooses. I don’t get to decide what kind of experience I have when I meditate. I should simply be happy with the idea that Spirit has provided a way for us to be connected to this source of good, compassion, love, and healing. Sublime is perfectly fine now.

Now, I simply find much solace in the rest that a beautiful meditation give me. I also keep my heart open for the divine leading I may get while in this state. Sometimes it comes in a dream, sometimes it comes in words, and then other times there is simply silence.

* * *
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